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Information and resources to help you provide effective service, information and referral and interventions to newcomer youth.

Recommended Reading

Building culturally and linguistically competent services to support young children, their families, and school readiness
This tool kit seeks to provide guidance, tools, and resources that will assist communities in building culturally and linguistically competent services, supports, programs, and practices related to young children, their families - May 2004.
Colour, Culture and Dual Consciousness: South Asian Immigrant Youth in the GTA
This qualitative research study explores and documents settlement issues faced by new immigrant youth of South Asian background who came to Toronto at or over the age of 8 and are now between the age of 16 and 24 - April 2000.
English Language and Communication: Issues for African and Caribbean Immigrant Youth in Toronto
A study exploring the language and communication issues faced by English-speaking black youths, from Africa and the Caribbean, as they settle into their new lives in Toronto - March 2000.
Enhancing Services and Supports for Immigrant Youth in Waterloo Region
A study of the diverse settlement issues of immigrant youth (aged 16-20) within Waterloo region with a focus on developing strategies to support youth to address their issues - March 2000.
Factors Affecting the Settlement and Adaptation Process of Canadian Adolescent Newcomers 16-19 Years of Age
This study explores the role of psychological factors involved in the settlement, adaptation and integration process of newcomer youth and provides recommendations for settlement services and programs - 2000.
Issues Confronting Newcomer Youth in Canada: Alternative Models for a National Youth Host Program
This study (CERIS Working Paper Series #39) had as its primary objective the development of three models of service delivery for youth within Host and Host-like programs - June 2005.
Mental Health Promotion Among Newcomer Female Youth: Post-Migration Experiences and Self-Esteem
This report describes the findings of a study which examined mental health promotion issues of newcomer female youth attending secondary school - June 2002.
ReachOUT - Multilingual Services for Newcomer LGBTT2IQQ Youth in Toronto
The ReachOUT Newcomer Network is a project that provides free multilingual settlement services to newcomer LGBTT2IQQ youth in Toronto who are Permanent Residents in Canada, including Government Assisted Refugees.
The Needs of Newcomer Youth and Emerging "Best Practices" to Meet Those Needs
This study identifies the needs of immigrant youth between the ages of 16 to 20, and surveys organizations that provide educational, employment, health and social services to newcomer youth in order to identify "best practices" - 2000.
To Build on Hope: Overcoming the Challenges Facing Newcomer Youth at Risk in Ontario
This study examines the challenges of five different groups of immigrant youth from ten different sending countries and regions, now residing in Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa, at some risk of not succeeding in their settlement - October 2001.
Working for Youth Research Project
A study examining key barriers faced by newcomer youth seeking employment in the Ottawa-Carleton area - April 2000.
Workshop on Minority Youth Residing in the Ottawa-Carleton Region
A report documenting the findings and recommendations of a workshop on the challenges facing minority youth residing in the Ottawa-Carleton Area - May 2000.

Related Web Sites

Directory of Youth Justice Services in Ontario
The Directory of Youth Justice Services in Ontario connects the youth justice system with supports in the community for young persons in conflict with the law.
Education Wife Assault - Research
Information about violence prevention, for non-profit service professionals, from Education Wife Assault.
This blog of the Early Childhood Working Group of the Canadian Coalition for Immigrant Children and Youth is a site for connection, collaboration and action on behalf of very young immigrant children, birth to age eight, and their parents.
OCASI Youth Network (OYN)
The OYN seeks to help newcomer youth get access to community services. It includes 2 initiatives: Services for Youth in Newcomer Communities (SYNC) research project; a new Website for Newcomer Youth.
Preventing Violence Against Girls and Young Women
This site describes different models of prevention and types of prevention programs, making the case for schools as a logical venue within which to offer violence prevention efforts.
Teaching Tolerance Magazine
Produced by the Southern Poverty Law Centre in the United States, the Teaching Tolerance Project is designed for educators and those working with youth to address issues of respect for diversity.

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