Workshop on Minority Youth Residing in the Ottawa-Carleton Region

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A report documenting the findings and recommendations of a workshop on the challenges facing minority youth residing in the Ottawa-Carleton Area.

The authors sought to identify and address the significant problems which minority youth face in their attempt to integrate into Canadian society. The workshop was comprised of four discussion sessions on the following topics, previously identified through consultations with front line workers: Health; Youth and Law; Inter-generational conflict; Education.

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Their workshop objectives were:

  • to support frontline staff working with ethnic specific minority youth by identifying best practices of certain programmes which could be implemented, with or without modification, for other ethnic minority youth;
  • to support frontline staff working with minority youth by identifying key issues which require further research and analysis in order to implement new approaches dealing with specific problems;
  • to encourage networking among youth workers, both mainstream and those working specifically with minorities in order to broaden the Ottawa-Carleton community response to minority youth issues;
  • to raise public awareness and understanding of issues facing minority youth;
  • if appropriate, to use this workshop as a basis for provincial and perhaps national level consultations on minority youth issues.

Recommendations for action and/or further research are listed in the report.

This document is available for download in Adobe® Acrobat format (293K).
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