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A useful list of starting points and next steps in your quest to become a power searcher on the Internet.

  • Web Search Guide-
    A Canadian web site about web searching, web strategies and tools from a Canadian perspective. Has some great self-paced tutorials on topics such as using Internet Explorer; best web search tools and how to use them; use of email, newsgroups, web forums and mailing lists. Your first and most likely last resource for web searching.
  • Web Search Guide Tutorial - Research - Web Searching-
    An excellent, self-paced starting point for you to truly grounded in how to effectively search online.
  • Search
    Helps users learn more about search engines, how to use them more effectively and keep atop the latest in child-safe searching.
  • Search Engine Watch-
    Provides tips on using search engines better, along with some fun facts such as what people search for on search engines.
  • Search Engine Showdown Reviews-
    These reviews discuss the search features, databases, and other aspects of interest to searchers. They are also linked from the search engine features, subject directory, and other comparison pages.

Other Useful Starting Points