Using the Internet as an Information & Referral Provider - Self-Assessment Tool

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Many of us are required to use the Internet as an important tool and resource when providing information, referral and assistance to clients. It is important that we have a fundamental understanding of how to use the Internet, its scope and its limitations. It is helpful for us to assess, analyze, examine and evaluate our role as it relates to providing information and referral from the Internet. The following questions can be used as guidelines to assist in this process.

  1. Can I differentiate using the Internet to provide information to a client from using the Internet for personal or research purposes?
    What are some of the major differences?
  2. Do I have enough information from the client in order to be able to conduct an effective assessment of the clients needs?
  3. Do I have a clear idea of what type of information or resources that I am looking for?
  4. Is the Internet the best tool or resource for me to use given the presenting inquiry?
    Can you provide examples of when the Internet would not be the best resource for providing Information & Referral?
  5. Do I have a sufficient understanding of the tools, programs and resources on the Internet and how best to use them?
  6. Am I aware of how information is organized on the Internet and what the best approach will be for me to get the information I need?
  7. Am I able to access the information on the Internet in a timely and efficient manner?
    Can I bookmark and organize my most frequently used web sites in a way that I can retrieve information in a timely fashion?
  8. Am I aware of the different criteria for evaluating web sites and web pages and I am able to check for the accuracy, authority, objectivity and currency of the information?
  9. Am I aware of the difference between different search tools and when it is appropriate to use each type?