Unequal Access: A Canadian Profile of Racial Differences in Education, Employment and Income

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Link: http://atwork.settlement.org/downloads/Unequal_Access.pdf
Org: Canadian Race Relations Foundation
Date: 2000

A report documenting the differences that racial groups experience in the areas of education, employment and income.

This study documents the differences among racial groups with regard to education, employment, and income. A primary objective of this report is to establish baseline information on the topic for future comparisons. Results of the report are based upon quantitative data, mainly, the 1996 Census, as well as focus group discussions among visible minorities and Aboriginal peoples across Canada.

The report concludes:

  • Although Canada’s labour force is becoming increasingly diverse, racial minorities still face limits in their access to employment.
  • Racism is still persistent at the individual and systemic levels, although overt forms of racism are generally seen as socially unacceptable.
  • Many racial minorities have difficulties finding jobs that are fulfilling to them. For recent immigrants, the challenge is to have their foreign-trained credentials recognized.
  • Employment equity measures should move beyond recruitment to focus on retention and promotion. While legislation may alter the behaviour of employers, attitudes toward racial minorities have been slower to change.
  • Racial discrimination today has become more subtle or hidden compared to the overt forms of the past. Public education is important for raising awareness of racial inequality in order to eliminate it in the future.
This document is available for download in Adobe® Acrobat format [400K].