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Best Practices Wiki - Leave an Idea, Take an Idea

A list of best practices for partnership building and information sharing is being developed using this wiki.

Read the best practices listed below. These are best practices others have shared.

Add at least one thing you would like to try or one thing you and/or your organization have had success with in the past. (Click Edit and Save)

Consider the following questions:

1. What strategies do you currently use to build partnerships and share information with employment service providers?

2. What are some of the best practices that have produced great results?

3. What strategies could be implemented to address challenges in partnership building with employment service providers?

Note: This wiki contains personal opinions. Not all of the responses will work for you or your organization. Before implementing any of these strategies, discuss them with your workplace team.



  • Use the Settlement At Work wiki to share/update information and resources between agencies.
  • Learn about other services and resource by visiting the Settlement At Work wiki weekly.
  • Use informal outreach between settlement workers and employment service providers to improve employment-related I&R services being provided to clients.
  • Visit employment agencies, or invite them to visit your agency.
  • Host or attend events, e.g. networking events or formal presentations of your agencies services. Take this opportunity to discuss referral systems with other agencies.
  • Email employment workers to maintain a connection.
  • Organize in-service training - invite employment agency representatives to a staff meeting so they can present their services.
  • Host a webinar to present agency services so that other organizations in the region can learn about the services your organization offers.
  • Hold brown bag sessions (non-formal presentations over the lunch hour) or a speakers' series. This is a good way for settlement workers and employment service providers to connect and learn about each other.
  • Participate in professional development opportunities and networking events. This is a good way to learn about employment services and to establish connections with employment counsellors.
  • Co-location (having employment workers and settlement services together at one location), and the "one-stop shop" model of settlement to employment can work well for organizations providing employment-related I&R.
  • Employment related I&R service is improved when the settlement and employment workers know each other. For example, knowing the name of the person the client will be meeting if they decide to follow-up with the suggested referral. It also helps if you need to call them on behalf of a client.
  • Share resources - e.g. recommend books and websites within and between agencies.
  • Share agency policies with other agencies.
  • Invite agencies to your AGM and attend their AGM's. Use this time to share information, reports and outcomes 
  • Invite agencies to your agency for mentoring events and events such as the New Pioneers Awards to network and share information about each individual agency's programs and services.
  • Host an open house, invite other agencies in the community to come and see what programs your agency offers.