Towards A Comprehensive Labour Market Strategy for Immigrants

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Org: Policy Roundtable Mobilizing Professions and Trades (PROMPT) and Centre for Research in Education and Human Services (CREHS)

This paper makes recommendations to improve opportunities for immigrant employment. It is in two parts:

A Vision for Immigrant Labour Market Participation

by Nikhat Rasheed in collaboration with Gurmeet Bambrah and Faviola Fernandez

Considerations for a New Approach to Funding and Implementing Immigrant Employment Initiatives

by Centre for Research in Education and Human Services

The authors' intention through this research is to make recommendations to improve opportunities for immigrant employment. Part 1 identifies principles that must be introduced or enhanced in a vision for a labour market participation strategy for immigrants. The scope of Part 2 of this paper was limited to public funds invested in employment supports. The authors hope to promote reflection and immediate action for increased effectiveness in strategies for immigrant labour market participation and the funding and implementation of employment initiatives. However, this process highlighted the need for future research to explore the barriers that limit the entrepreneurial ability and spirit of immigrants, and to identify the leadership and regulatory change necessary to promote immigrant entrepreneurship.

Towards A Comprehensive Labour Market Strategy for Immigrants is one of a series of PROMPT papers offering policy recommendations towards improving the economic and social integration of immigrants to Canada who are professionals and tradespeople. The focus of this study is on the use of public funds in promoting access to professions and trades, and other employment for immigrants. PROMPT recognizes that other solutions beyond government funding are also needed—a number of these are addressed in our other policy papers, available on our web site. This report should therefore be read as one of a number of recommended policy directions.

Principles and Values outlined in Part 1:

  • Equity
  • Diversity and Multiculturalism
  • Coherence and Consistency
  • Choice and Investment in Potential and Aspiration
  • Accountability
  • Consultation and Collaboration

Future Directions recommended in Part 2:

  • A commitment is needed across and within levels of government to agree upon guiding principles for the funding of immigrant employment initiatives.
  • There needs to be a new coordinated and integrated funding strategy within and among existing government departments. There needs to be a new implementation strategy that provides a continuum of employment-related interventions.
  • Government funders need to have a different understanding of the outcomes that immigrant employment initiatives are expected to reach.
  • The various levels of government need to fund and facilitate other stakeholder groups to support the participation of immigrants in the labour market.
  • Immigrants need to play an increased and on-going role in ensuring the effective implementation of these suggestions.
This paper is available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (1.3 MB, 91 pages).