Toronto Community Data for Planning on Health Initiatives

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One of the key components of an effective program plan or research project proposal is having good data to inform your needs assessments. The Toronto Community Health Profiles Partnershipis designed to facilitate access to information for health planning with the overall goal of producing action to reduce health inequalities.

Invaluable statistical data has been collected and made easily accessible, on issues of density of newcomer residents, visible minorities, low-income individuals, education level, unemployment, health services, parks, grocery stores, healthy living, mothers and babies, and much more. All of this information is available on a neighbourhood by neighbourhood basis, so that users can get a stronger understanding of their local demographic and compare that to other areas.

The information collected here can be displayed in map formats or in data tables with some information currently only available in data tables. Both maps and data tables are in PDF format.

Partners in the project include SETo, St. Michael's Hospital, Wellesley Central, City of Toronto Public Health and the Toronto District Health Council.

Goals of the Partnership

  • To build community capacity to use health information;
  • To build deeper understanding of Toronto neighbourhoods in order to appreciate the health needs of communities;
  • To foster academic-hospital-community collaborations to improve population health;
  • To demonstrate health inequities in order to address them.

Strategy for Achieving Goals

  • Provide health profiles of Toronto communities for Toronto communities with relevant and timely information in a user-friendly format;
  • Provide technical support and mechanisms for communities to access data;
  • Conduct a series of workshops to foster access to and use of health data for decision-making, advocacy and policy, and to stimulate collaboration.