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Orientation to Canada
Employment & Skills building
Language support

On this page you can find the 4 main topics that cover the broad range of services provided to immigrants and refugees arriving in Ontario.

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Orientation to Canada
Information about services for newcomers for integration into social life, including legal support, housing, education, community & recreation, mental health, disabilities.

Employment & Skills building
Information for frontline workers providing employment and skills building services.

Language suppport
Information for frontline workers interfacing with clients from different linguistic backgrounds and providing language training in established programs or as support services in settlement agencies.

Information for frontline workers providing services that are specific to groups of newcomers or types of immigration or advocating on their behalf, such as refugees, family-reunification, economic class, etc.


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General settlement projects

SAW wiki.png Settlement Kiosk

Interactive, multilingual touch screen kiosks for settlement agencies, assessment centres and point of entry locations.

Ocasi-otis.png Online Tracking and Information System (OTIS)

Providing settlement workers, agencies and funders with access to professional, standardized and useful data collection tools to record, plan and report on client-service activities.

General resource websites

Ocasi-settlement.png Settlement.Org

Settlement.Org provides information newcomers can trust with information and resources to settle in Ontario, Canada