The Global City: Newcomer Health in Toronto 2011

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Org: Toronto Public Health and Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services
Date: 2011

This report describes the health advantage that most newcomers bring to Toronto, the decline in their health over time and the need to strengthen our efforts to support newcomers, especially those whose health risks are compounded by their income level, gender, immigration status, ethno-racial background, sexual orientation or other factors.

The report underscores the need to work across sectors to influence individual health practices, and more importantly, to address the service barriers and the social and economic exclusion that negatively affects newcomers’ health and creates health inequities. The information in this report supports efforts to better understand the health and health needs of newcomers and to identify strategies that address inequities and improve health for all in Toronto.

This report is the first comprehensive report on the health of newcomers in Toronto.