Southwest Scarborough Local Immigration Partnership

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Southwest Scarborough Local Immigration Partnership

What are Local Immigration Partnerships (LIP)?

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) will provide a collaborative framework for, and facilitate the development and implementation of, sustainable local and regional solutions for successful integration of immigrants throughout Ontario. LIPs seek to help communities put immigration on their overall planning agenda in order for communities to benefit from the successful social and economic integration of new immigrants.

What is the Southwest Scarborough LIP Catchment Area?

The Southwest Scarborough area is bordered by Victoria Park Ave. to the west, Bellamy Road. to the east, south of Eglinton Ave East to Kingston Road.

What are the Objectives of the LIP?

Objectives of the Southwest Scarborough LIP area are:

  • To improve access to and coordination of immigrant integration services (Education, Language training, Employment, Housing, Health, Socialintegration, andsettlement and labour market integration);
  • To improve local and regional labour marketopportunities for immigrants. This may include initiatives such as engagement of local employers, mentorship initiatives, coordination of local employment services and non-paid internships; and
  • To strengthen the local service systemsawareness and capacity to successfully integrate immigrants

Who Will Implement LIP Project in Southwest Scarborough?

Warden Woods Community Centre (WWCC) has been serving the Southwest Scarborough community since 1960 and was chosen with the support of several local partnering agencies to lead the Local LIP implementation in collaboration with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI).

The Southwest Scarborough LIP initiative will be implement through a Partnership Council and Project Management Committee, both comprising of representatives from immigrant and refugee serving agencies, language training providers, community organizations, newcomers, social service agencies, healthcare providers, local employers, faith groups, and all other necessary stakeholders.

What is a Partnership Council?

A Partnership Council is a group of relevant stakeholders that come together regularly to develop a coordinated, comprehensive and strategic approach to immigration and integration that fits the needs of the neighbourhood it represents. The partnership council includes participation from a wide range of stakeholders including mainstream organizations and institutions such as the City of Toronto, community organizations, settlement agencies, language training providers, local associations and employers, as well as informal stakeholders such as faith groups and community associations.

The Partnership Council will be responsible for the oversight and guidance to develop a local settlement strategy and implementation work plan in a comprehensive, effective and participatory manner.

How Can Local Agencies Get Involved in the Southwest Scarborough LIP project?

Agencies which are interested are encouraged to join the Partnership Council by directly contacting the LIP Coordinator for the Southwest Scarborough are, who will provide further details on joining the council. All agencies onboard the Partnership Council shall nominate a representative who will actively participate and is responsible for advocating the views of his/her agency in developing, implementing and monitoring the progress and developments of the Southwest Scarborough LIP.

Contact Information:

Martin Kengo
Project Coordinator
Local Immigration Partnership - Southwest Scarborough
74, Firvalley Court
Scarborough, ON, M1L 1N9
Tel: 416-694-1138
Fax: 416-649-1161