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Settlement At Work is a project of OCASI to support capacity building by settlement workers by providing them with up-to-date information to improve the services they provide to newcomers (immigrants and refugees) to Ontario. Settlement At Work provides this information online via Settlement At Work websites, through in-person presentations, and through other projects to disseminate and share information with the settlement community.


The Settlement At Work project is dedicated to increasing the capacity of those involved in the settlement sector to raise their resilience, responsiveness and quality of services for newcomers (immigrants and refugees). The project aims to share knowledge, best practices and innovative approaches for service delivery. The Settlement At Work sites are managed by the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants.

The Settlement AtWork website has professional development resources and news for front-line workers, program staff, managers and administrative staff. Our goal is to help workers prepare to best serve their newcomer clients, and to help organizations support their staff. Last year (2010), we had more than 400,000 visits to the site, and almost 1 million page views. 70% of our site visitors are repeat users who come back for the news and resources that we update daily.

This year (2011) we have launched a wiki, complete with over 650 articles that users can review and update or create their own. As wikis have seen explosive growth in scale and capacity to support these aims, organisations and communities of practitioners, the Settlement At Work wiki supports collaboration and openness for the settlement sector of Ontario, and beyond.

Frequent visits to the Settlement At Work website mean that agency staff are knowledgeable about the trends, information and opportunities that affect our daily work.

Current status

For current status and next steps, please see this page.

List of projects

Settlement At Work consists of several projects, each aimed at

Main website

Snapshot of the main Settlement At Work website, 2011-11-22

Increased outreach through web 2.0 technologies, such as the Settlement At Work Twitter account @SetAtWork.

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Snapshot of the Settlement At Work wiki website, 2011-11-22

Description Collaborative tools

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Internal use


Snapshot of the Settlement At Work newsletter, sent Nov.17, 2011


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Social Media


Snapshot of the Settlement At Work twitter account, 2011-11-22
  1. ontss hashtag


Snapshot of the Settlement At Work Facebook page, 2011-11-22



Snapshot of the Settlement At Work Google+ page, 2011-11-22

Promotions and marketing

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Available to give presentations Partnership Publishing of material


This part is still very much in progress. This part to be updated when we can dig up this information.

The original rationale for Settlement At Work was as the "Extranet", behind a username and password.

Key dates:

  • 19??: The "Extranet" was launched
  • 20??: Settlement.Org is launched
  • 20??: Extranet renamed to "Settlement At Work"

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