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Templates are the primary way we can create some consistency, and are likely essential to ensure accessibility. This is intended to become a portal page for all things SettlementAtWork Wiki template related. fr:Gabarits

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To use a template use the curly brackets {{Template:Template name}}

Listing of SettlementAtWork Wiki Templates

SettlementAtWork Wiki Templates to do

Proposed SettlementAtWork Wiki Templates

this is a list of templates that we propose to create and manage:

  • Template:SettlementAtWork Wiki core page
  • Article Header (displays the categories, the article notices, etc)
  • Article footer (contains the standard category codes, link to home, appears on every page...)

one for each high level category (based on a common portal template?)

  • Projects
  • Community
  • Generic templates:
  • there should be a template for all category pages that explains what a category is and shows the code to use that category.
  • Good practices
  • Innovative approaches (case study? subcategory of projects)
  • Horizontal initiatives
  • talk header template
  • portal template (for large, communities, topics, projects...)
  • User page template
  • User tombstone data
  • Main page template:

- main page modules:

  • Category templates

For main and special categories:provides text plus adds page to category Stubs, pages that are too long, for main categories

  • Help template

Please contact me...

  • header template

empty to start holds article status

  • article notices
    • There are some in help and some others
    • Need one that reports a page as one of concern, i.e. for being too sensitive or whatever, this template would generate an alert for a priority editorial review.

SettlementAtWork Wiki Page Types

The idea is to build some common page types, each using a number of common templates. The links below lead to test pages for each page type.

  • Home page (unique only one in the Library)
  • Index Page (same as a category page)
  • Portal page( the main page for a topic area, community, etc.) This type of page has the refix Portal: in the title.
  • Artifact Page (used when there is a separate file that is the core content) This kind of page is essentially a metadata description of the item with discussion. (like an Image: page)
  • Standard Article Page The generalized topic page.
  • List page (for category lists etc)

Standard SettlementAtWork Wiki Text Headers

These are ideas for structuring articles. They might be part of many templates or not.

  • General Definition
  • History
  • See also
  • References
  • External links
  • Related Articles
  • Organizations Involved with topic
  • History
  • Characteristics of ...

SettlementAtWork Wiki Notices

Notices can be added to the top of a page to provide users with an indication of the status and veracity of the article.

draft content for templates

the following are rough ideas


Information captured for a project may contain the following:

  • Formal Project Name: << if different from page title>>* project name
  • Description and Objectives or Purpose
  • sponsor
  • date established or period of existence (intended life?)
  • subject area (maybe this is the category list)
  • members
  • Contact person and coordinates
  • Work Plan and Schedule; list of deliverables could include
Project Charters, high-level project plans, budget forecasts, resource requirements, organization and governance,etc. )
  • To do or action list
  • Records of Decisions for meetings

<<Meetings might be a different category>>>

See the definition for projects and the Category:Projects

  • Related Documents


It might be an idea to have a number of templates or sample pages to support managing group meetings. I.e. like that on the TBS web committee pages. - or would this be covered in projects? --Thomas.Kearney 23:21, 7 September 2008 (EDT)

Policy Instruments

The following descriptions of policy instruments are taken from the Foundation Framework for Treasury Board Policies, Treasury Board policy instruments .

According to Treasury Board, Policy Instruments are defined as Framework, Policy, Directive, Standard, Guideline or Tools. Policy Instrument is one of the top level categories in the Library.

The following is a description of what the template might look like:

Usage Notes: Each policy should have its own page. The title of the page should be the same as the title of the policy. The policy owners should be contacted and asked to watch the discussion page and article.

Header: status icons template Policy Disclaimer (need to write this to appease the owners of the policy* Description of the policy

Related Policy Instruments

This section lists the related policy instruments it is optional. A brief description and link to related tools, guidelines etc, for the policy in question.

Latest News

Optional section for mention of updates or consultations underway Application notes and further clarifications or whatever

Related Items

Upcoming policy description:

Implementation notes: How have you implemented this policy? What challenges & opportunities have you encountered during implementation?

Comments If you could change this policy what would you do?

Related Links

(right hand column will contain the definition of policies)


The templates are outlined as follows:

Description, Date, Highlights, Author (this is protected content)

Implications: What are the implications of this strategy?

Implementations: Examples of how this strategy is or could be implemented.

Related Links

(right hand column will contain the definition of a strategy)


Templates are outlined as follows:

Author, Date, Why?, What standard or method was used? (This is protected content)

What is it? Link:

Lessons Learned Future Plans

Other applications Comments

Related Links

(right hand column will contain the definition of designs)


A page to capture relevant information for a directory of expertise (or future community of practice)

For now, I have placed the Task Groups under the People category, rather than the Project category.


This template (which template?) would be used on all artifacts. Includes sections for:

  • Links to implementations of the instrument or whatever
  • References pertaining to the item or topic
  • Discussions
  • Related pages

other designations

for docs or bits of text

  • official position (name of authority)
  • proposed official (name of proposer/authority)

Older stuff follows here


What other content should be here ?


The talk page can be used to collect ideas and input for the policy owners to use in revising the policy.

Definition Page

a Lexiconapedia entry


When editing a page that uses a template you can add an image in 2 ways.

1) Click on the Edit tab at the top of the page and insert the following in the page where you would like the image to appear:

 [[Image:sample Name.jpg]]

This creates an instance of an image. Once the page is submitted click on the link you've created to upload the photo associated with the link.

2) Click on Edit Source at the top of the page and select the "Embedded Image" tag in the WYSIWYG. This will insert the tag in the page. Once the page is submitted click on the link created to upload the associated photo.

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