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To use Twitter to engage the settlement sector of Ontario, highlight relevant capacity-building activities, events & conferences, as well as share information and get feedback.

What is Twitter?

How can Twitter support capacity building in the Ontario settlement sector?

Effective use of a Twitter account can support OCASI in the following ways:

  • support OCASI to promote events and activities to support the development of capacity in the Settlement Sector using collaborative tools;
  • get valuable insight into client interests, expectations and suggestions for upcoming offerings;
  • get valuable feedback on user experiences: (positive and negative);
  • respond to questions from interested settlement workers and newcomers;
  • monitor discussions about emerging settlement sector issues of interest to OCASI.

Use-case Examples

Below are a few examples of some possible tweets from OCASI Twitter accounts:

Promoting an upcoming workshop:

One-Day Training Workshop, Dec. 7 Toronto, “Creating Positive LGBTQ Spaces: A Francophone Needs Assessment Perspective”

Getting feedback:

Any settlement workers out there have a story to tell about transformative change in their agency? We want to know!

Replying to feedback:=

I am new to settlement work. Are you part of the government? I’m looking for resources.
Welcome! We are not part of government, we are a non-profit charity funded by government. More information here:

Next steps

The following are recommended next steps for OCASI to implement a Twitter account.

  1. Specify the target audience
    • OCASI member agencies (EDs and staff)
  2. Account creation
    • Create Twitter accounts
    • Advertise the link to these accounts on the OCASI website and other relevant sites:
    • "Follow us on Twitter”
    • Follow other relevant settlement sector twitter accounts (like Maytree Canada) to show up on their lists
  3. Start "Tweeting":
    • Tag messages with "hashtags" where relevant.
    • Use "URL shorteners" to link to material on the OCASI/New Media websites.
    • Consider engaging in "Corrective blogging": "Listen to people and then provide the facts to inform discussion", be personal, personable, empathetic;
    • Repeat ("Retweet") relevant posts from other twitter users that are relevant for the target client
  4. Monitoring
    • Keep a search for posts mentioning the following terms: Settlement, Ontario, Immigration, #nonprofit,
    • Monitor specific users deemed influential in the GoC community
    • Follow influential users.
  5. Evaluation
    • Review the following questions for effectiveness:
      • Qualitative over quantitative measures: are followers getting relevant information, answers to questions?
      • Are Twitter users engaging the OCASI Twitter account in relevant discussions?
      • Are the numbers of followers increasing to approach a level similar to other Government of Canada Twitter accounts?
  6. Review, reflect
    • Consider developing an overall styleguide, or update this document.


The @SetAtWork twitter account will tweet out the following:

See also

  • Archivist: for visualizations of twitter use.