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The Roadmap for development on this SettlementAtWork wiki.


Dec 2010 - Jan 2011

  • Internal research, presentation
  • Engagement of a wiki developer


Jan-Feb 2011


Feb-Mar 2011

  • Launch phase 1: Publicly available (Open Beta)
  • Consultations:
    • Internal to OCASI
    • External to OCASI, with designated parties
  • Provide training, internal, external
  • Partnering: Outreach with prospective partners (content developers, practitioners, community heads, fellow wiki admins)


March-April 2011

  • Launch Phase 2: Open to all (with Site Notice caveat)
  • End concurrent support - advisement on static AtWork site
  • Integration of the wiki in OCASI program offerings
  • Support events around innovation, Information Management, collaboration
  • Create & strengthen communities using the wiki


April-May 2011

  • Structuring wiki processes:
    • Support for users
    • Support for communities
    • Support for agencies
    • Support for partners


May-June 2011

  • Launch phase 3: Promotions, marketing
  • Communications, promotions and engagement of the wiki in our AtWork

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