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2010 OCASI Training and Professional Development Needs Assessment Survey

The OCASI Training Team once again invites your valuable input on the 2010 OCASI Professional Development Conference. Even if you are not planning to attend this year's Conference, your contribution is still very relevant to the sector. We are particularly seeking feedback from frontline workers, program coordinators and managers.  Please respond to the survey by Friday, January 15 at 5:00 PM.

The survey is available online at:


Parenting Project Coordinator - Toronto (Scarborough)
Agincourt Community Services Association requires a Parenting Project Coordinator - Deadline: January 18, 2010.

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RFP: West Downtown Toronto Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) - Project Research
The West Downtown Toronto LIP project is seeking proposals for research consultant(s) to conduct community-based project research - Deadline: January 15, 2010.

RFP: Non-Insured CHC Self-Management Project Consultant Search 
This call seeks a consultant to assist with a time limited project to explore opportunities for improving support to our non-insured clients, and value and affordability for the health system as a whole - Deadline: January 22, 2010.

RFP: Population Health Improvement Research Network (PHIRN)
PHIRN is calling for proposals for small research and capacity building grants under its two programmes: Patterns and Pathways of Health Inequities in Ontario and Population Health Interventions in Ontario - Deadline: February 15, 2010.

RFP: Violence Prevention Grants
The Canadian Women's Foundation (CWF) is now accepting proposals for Annual Violence Prevention Grants for 2010 - Deadline: February 8, 2010.

HRSDC RFP Social Development Partnerships Program - Disability (SDPP-D)
Funding of up to $20,000 is available to non-profit organizations holding an event between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011 for projects that enable people with disabilities to fully participate by ensuring accessibility - Deadline: Feb 8, 2010.

Upcoming Deadlines:

MCI RFP - Sector Capacity Building Employment and Training Initiative 
MCI is inviting not-for-profit organizations to submit proposals for Development and Implementation of a Capacity Building Initiative to Improve Access To Employment and Training Services for Newcomers - Deadline: January 15, 2010.

Law Foundation of Ontario (LFO) RFP: Connecting Region Invitation
This RFP seeks regional groups of legal and non-legal organizations to develop a coherent system for the delivery of legal information, referrals and services to linguistic minorities and/or residents of rural or remote areas - January 22, 2010.

CERIS RFP: CERIS Request for Proposals 2010
CERIS is now requesting research proposals for the 2010 competition. The proposals will focus on policy relevant research questions associated with the six CERIS Research Domains - Deadline: January 29, 2010.

For a complete listing of current RFPs, visit:


CIC Updates to Sponsor Members of the Family Class and Federal Skilled Workers Operational Manuals
CIC has updated their processing manuals with updated Low-Income Cut-Off levels (LICO) information.�

LINC 1-4 Classroom Activities
The purpose of these e-resources is to both stimulate and challenge learners using web-based multimedia technologies.

Report: CIC Public Consultation on Canadian Immigration Consultants
This report summarizes the results of a public consultation on the use of immigration consultants, lawyers and other representatives, conducted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in May 2009.

CIC Operational Bulletin 173 - Ministerial Instructions (MI) - Clarification on continuous full-time experience and break in continuity of employment
This bulletin clarifies the requirement that Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) applicants in the SW1 category must have 1 year of continuous full-time (or equivalent part-time) paid work experience in the last 10 years in an MI-listed occupation.

CIC Operational Bulletin 167 - Procedures for transferring files for in-Canada applications for permanent residence
This operational bulletin provides instruction on how to transfer files in relation to in-Canada applications for permanent residence.

Your Non-profit's Legal checklist for 2010
Are you prepared to meet all your legal requirements in 2010? Find out the top three things you should be aware of for 2010

Six Canadian Cities Out of 50 Have the Winning Combination that Attract Migrants
Calgary, Waterloo, Ottawa, Vancouver, St. John’s and Richmond Hill have what migrants are looking for when choosing where to locate, according to the Conference Board’s second report assessing the attractiveness of Canadian cities.

CCR: A Year in Review: Concerns in 2009
The Canadian Council for Refugees has posted a review of 2009, highlighting areas of concern.

CASSA's Welcoming Communities Initiative (WCI) Project Website
WCI aims to bring multi-stakeholders from government, education, employment, settlement services, community groups and residents together to address the needs of access, equity and inclusion. Stay updated via their project site.

Call for Members: York Region Equity Council
The long-term goal of the Equity Council is to bring the barriers faced by newcomers, immigrants, people of colour and other equity seeking groups to the attention of York Region Municipalities and School Boards to ensure local accessibility.�

Full-Day Kindergarten Classes in Some Schools in September 2010
Starting in September 2010, some schools in Ontario will have full-day kindergarten classes. About 600 schools will have full-day kindergarten in September 2010. The Ontario government plans to have full-day kindergarten in all schools by 2015-2016.

Call for Submissions: Promising Practices in Diversity and Equity
The Regional Diversity Roundtable is conducting a scan of current practices in diversity and equity from organizations in Peel.

Voices of Refugees: Call For Refugee Artists
This collaborative portraiture, video and live performance project engaging artists and activists from the refugee community is open to submissions of digital images, images and videos from refugees from Canada and around the world.

2010 LINC Administrators' Conference - Register Now
LINC Administrators. Registration for the 2010 LINC Administrators Conference in Toronto (February 1, 2 & 3, 2010) closes on January 13, 2010.

New Municipal Immigration Portal: North Bay
North Bay Immigration is the latest municipal portal to launch, with information about choosing, living and working in North Bay.

How To Lead Organizational Change And Manage The Three Stages Of The Change Cycle
William Bridges detailed three stages of the change cycle that each of us go through when adapting to change. The three stages Bridges identified are: endings, neutral zones, and beginnings.

New Project: Pre-Arrival Services Online
JVS Toronto will receive over $1.7 million in funding from the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credential Recognition Program to support the Integrated Pre-Arrival Services Online project.

Registered Charities Newsletter No. 33 – Fall 2009
Of interest: Many charities-related forms are now saveable, My Business Account for charities, Charities Information Webinars, Guide RC4108 (Registered Charities and the Income Tax Act) is no longer available, Obligation to file financial statements...

Canadian Council for Refugees E-Chronicle Vol. 4 #9, 6 January 2010
Of interest: Legislation to implement Refugee Appeal Division dies at third reading, Important message for Burundians, Rwandans and Liberians, Supreme Court intervention in case of extradition of a refugee and more.

Diversity in the Workplace - January 2010 Issue
Includes: Communicating With a Culturally-Diverse Internet Audience, AHA! an inspired idea!, Out of sight, out of work: part 2 and more.

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) Service and Access Feedback Survey
Do you work in a community agency and use or distribute CLEO materials? If yes, they need your feedback. Please take a moment to complete their online survey.

Maternal Newborn and Child Health Promotion Network (MNCHP)
MNCHP was created to promote and facilitate the exchange of information about maternal, newborn and child health. It's run by the Best Start Resource Centre of Health Nexus.

Obtaining a Work Permit: The Labour Market Opinion process
A good, concise and clear language overview of the Labour Market Opinion process for employers - what are they, how do you get one and are there any exemptions?

New Municipal Immigration Portal: Brantford
Newcomer Connections - Brantford - is a the latest local immigration and settlement portal. It includes information about living, learning, working and why newcomers might choose Brantford as a place to land.

HR Council Looking For Young Nonprofit Employees To Profile In New Video Series On Hrcouncil.Ca
Are you a young person 30 or under with employment experience in the Canadian nonprofit sector? Are willing to tell your story about developing your career in nonprofits? Share advice about job search strategies and career development in the sector.

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Do Immigrant Class and Gender Affect Labour Market Outcomes for Immigrants?
This report seeks to answer the question: What is the labour market performance in terms of income, participation rate, unemployment rate and poverty rate for immigrants arriving under various immigration categories?

Report: Understanding Thorncliffe Park
This report provides a study of Thorncliffe Park, its people and its characteristics, and the role of Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office. It identifies how tensions are rising as housing, youth, mental health programs aren't keeping up with growth.

New Study: Opening Doors - Improving Employment Outcomes for Newcomers in York Region
This report sought to gather and analyze information on immigrant and business needs in the current and emerging labour market, identify issues affecting fuller employment for newcomers and more.

Valorizing Immigrants' Non-Canadian Work Experience
This study explores how some employers, sector councils and immigrant settlement agencies assess and give value to or valorize the prior foreign work experience of immigrants

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