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OCASI Discussion Paper - Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement (COIA): Crafting the vision for the sector

COIA is set to expire in November 2010.  This Discussion Paper identifies key questions and concerns about the future of COIA and gives a brief history of settlement funding in Ontario.


Settlement Counsellor - Ottawa
Catholic Immigration Centre requires a Settlement Counsellor.  The ideal candidate will understand and support C.I.C.’s mission and possess experience in the resettlement and integration of newcomers to Canada.  The position requires strong communications and interpersonal skills, excellent organizational abilities and exceptional cultural competency - Deadline: July 23, 2009.

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MCI Invitation for Proposals: Bridge Training Programs for Internationally Trained Individuals 2009-2010
MCI has released an Invitation for Proposals for bridging projects that improve access to occupational certification/registration and/or employment for internationally trained individuals - Deadlines: July 15, 2009 and September 30, 2009.

HRSDC RFP: Federal Elder Abuse Initiative Call for Proposals
Under the Federal Elder Abuse Initiative, a one-time contribution funding is available to national and Quebec professional associations whose members work closely with seniors - Deadline: July 24, 2009.

Ministry of Health Promotion Healthy Communities Fund - Local/Regional Stream 
The HCF will provide funding to eligible organizations that are taking a holistic and integrated approach to improving health and wellness at the community level. By working in partnership, organizations will have an opportunity to gain new expertise and to reach a broader audience while providing more comprehensive programs to Ontarians in their own communities. Applicants who wish to be considered for this intake of the HCF must submit their application by July 24, 2009.

Status of Women Canada Community Fund Call for Proposals 2009/2010
The call is open to eligible not-for-profit and for-profit organizations to carry out projects at the local, regional, provincial/territorial and national levels - Deadline: September 30, 2009.

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Presentation Slides: 2009 OCASI Spring Professional Development Conference
The 2009 OCASI Spring Professional Development Conference highlighted the importance of understanding and applying anti-oppression practice in our work. Presentation slides are now available for some workshops.

Call for Participants: Springtide Resources Team of Peer Trainers
Springtide Resources is running a new program to train teams of immigrant or refugee women to act as peer trainers focused on Community Development and Woman Abuse training.

Co-op Housing in Multiple Languages
This Co-operating Housing Federation of Toronto document provides a factual overview of co-op housing in English and 8 other languages.

New Website: Ontario's Mental Health and Addiction Strategy
Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Ontario has created a new web page dedicated to keeping people informed about developments in Ontario's Mental Health and Addictions Strategy.

Adult Learning Centre Demonstration Projects Enter Phase 2
All successful organizations included an element surrounding the current economic environment (displaced workers, the economy, etc.) and an element surrounding immigrant, citizenship or settlement issues.

TransPULSE Research Project
This is a study of the health and well-being of trans people in Ontario. Their goal is to reach 1000 trans people, representing all kinds of diversity from across the entire province.

Survey: Community-based Research (CBR) Related to Ethno-racial Health Disparties
Health disparities are differences in health among people and communities that are preventable or unfair because they are related to social and economic conditions or health care polices and practices than can be changed - Deadline: July 22, 2009.

Workforce Focus, May 2009 - Promising Occupations
The May issue of Workforce Focus (from the Hamilton Training Advisory Board) gives a round up of stable or expanding sectors in Ontario from December 2007 - December 2008.

Monthly Podcast: The A to Z of Canadian Charity Law
This monthly podcast about charity law is produced by and features Adam Aptowitzer from the law firm Drache LLP and Nicole Zummach from.

Local Immigration Partnership Council (LIPC) in Waterloo Region
One of CIC's newly funded Local Immigration Partnerships is in Waterloo Region. Read an update of their activities to date.

Rural Connections: High Speed Internet Access in Rural Ontario
This Ontario Government Broadband high-speed Internet project seeks to connect rural families, businesses and professionals with opportunities in commerce, health, education, social development and community enrichment.�

Survey: OHRC - Establishing eLearning Standards for Human Rights 101
The OHRC is introducing a new electronic learning series, Human Rights 101. Human Rights 101 will provide a wide audience with an introduction to human rights protections and a basic understanding of how the Human Rights Code can be applied.

New Website: - Online Legal Service is a confidential online (Canadian) service that helps people understand their legal rights and maximize their severance package.

Webinar Archive: Elder Abuse: Prevalence, Identification, Response and Intervention... Beyond the Basics
This one-hour webinar includes a discussion of what elder abuse is, who is being victimized, why people don't always seek help, how ageism affects the way we address elder abuse, and what people need to know to prevent and respond to abuse.

Charity Law Information Program (CLIP)
CLIP is a project of Capacity Builders, funded by the Canada Revenue Agency. The project's goal is to help Canadian charities become more aware of their legal obligations under the Income Tax Act and to increase compliance with those requirements.

Domestic Violence Advisory Council releases report: Transforming our Communities
The Domestic Violence Advisory Council was established to provide advice on improving the existing system of supports and services for abused women and their children in Ontario. Read their final report.

CIC Bulletin: Spouse and Common-Law Partner Applications With H&C Request
This Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) operational bulletin is about spouse or common-law partner sponsorship applications that are made in Canada, and request humanitarian and compassionate ("H & C") consideration.

Diversity Board Mentoring Handbook 
This handbook provides information on how to set up a mentoring program for new board members and includes a toolkit, program and activity outlines, and evaluation techniques - 2007.

Inside RAP Winter 2009 - Issue 4
Articles: Spotlight On: YWCA Prince Albert, Ontario RAP Conference, Bhutanese Film: "Killing Time", Performance Measurement: The Potential, Reflections From a Retiring RAP Officer, RAP Officer Training.

Webinar Recording: All About TechSoup Canada
This step-by-step webinar focused on how to register and request donated software and hardware through the TechSoup Canada Product Donations Program.

Becoming e-Competent: How Online Activities and Resultant Skills are Important in the Workplace
Just about everyone today works in a setting that involves some degree of online communication. This research looks at the skills and abilities that people need to be effective in the virtual workplace.

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"Sorry, It's Rented": Measuring Discrimination in Toronto's Rental Housing Market
CERA conducted telephone-based housing discrimination "audits" across the City of Toronto. CERA created profiles that tested discrimination against five specific profiles and found substantial discrimination in the rental market - June 2009.

Faster, Younger, Richer? The Fond Hope and Sobering Reality of Immigration's Impact on Canada's Demographic and Economic Future
This report suggests that, while immigration has been a key driver of Canadian population and workforce growth, it cannot, on its own, offset demographic trends that threaten our future living standards.

Best Interests of the Child: Meaning and Application in Canada
This report is the outcome of a multi-disciplinary conference that considered the concept of Best Interests of the Child in general and its application for many areas in the lives of children in Canada - 2009.

Social Capital and the Labour Market Process among New Generation Youth from Visible Minority Immigrant Families
This paper reports findings of a qualitative study examining how new generation youth without university degrees find work and what kinds of resources they use in their job search - February 2009.

POWER Study (Project for an Ontario Women's Health Evidence-Based Report)
The Report is designed to serve as an evidence-based tool to help policy makers, providers, and consumers improve health of and reduce inequities among the women of Ontario.

Canada at a Glance 2009
This StatsCan site presents the current Canadian demographic, education, health and aging, justice, housing, income, labour market household, economic, travel, financial, agricultural, foreign trade and environmental statistics.

Building Local Assets: Community Investment in Canada, 2008.
Community investment is financing and technical assistance that targets underserved individuals, communities and community enterprises to develop opportunities for income generation, housing, community renewal, and environmental sustainability.

New Canadians Driving Housing Demand?
In their July 9, 2009 Real Estate Trends (PDF format), ScotiaBank analysts provide an overview of how "Canadian immigrants are narrowing the homeownership gap with their Canadian-born counterparts."

New Website: Source-Survey-Synthesis Tool for Women's Health
This online bilingual research tool includes three resources for accessing data, reports and documents on women's health issues in Canada.

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