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A belated Happy Canada Day to All!

As a result of the holiday, this eNewsletter is being sent out a day later.


Family Support Worker - Toronto (Central)
Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood Centre (DPNC) requires a Family Support
Worker, responsible for the delivery of programs and services to young
children, parents and caregivers that connect to the Growing Up
Healthy Downtown Partnership (GUHD)  - Deadline: July 15, 2009.

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MCI Invitation for Proposals: Bridge Training Programs for
Internationally Trained Individuals 2009-2010
MCI has released an Invitation for Proposals for bridging projects
that improve access to occupational certification/registration and/or
employment for internationally trained individuals - Deadlines: July
15, 2009 and September 30, 2009.

For a complete listing of current RFPs, visit:


The Road Ahead: Advice for New Graduates in the Nonprofit Sector
Prepare for the future, find the right path, continue learning, and
find the right work that aligns with your values, your mission, and
your skills.

Maytree Newsletter - June 19, 2009
Includes: Maytree Opinion: Give non-citizens the right to vote in
municipal elections, Policy in Focus: Canada is failing to reap
benefits of diversity in leadership, TRIEC: Our first five years and

Toronto Community Services Resource Guide for Non-Status Immigrants –
Agency Survey
In preparation for the second edition of this guide, Social Planning
Toronto is asking organizations in Toronto that serve non-status
newcomers to complete their survey.

Social Assistance Rate Restructuring and the Ontario Child Benefit (June 2009)
This fact sheet explains the upcoming changes to the incomes of people
who have children who rely on OW or ODSP. The Ontario Child Benefit
will go from $50 per child per month to $92 per child per month
starting in July.

New Website: Social Assistance Review
This Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC) site will have updates on
what’s going on with the Social Assistance Review - what the
government is doing, what ISAC is doing, and what's happening across

Sustainability Network Environment & Diversity Project
This is a four-year collaborative initiative designed to help the
Ontario environmental NGO community consider, develop and implement
strategies to better reflect and engage under-represented communities.

Denver Foundation's Inclusiveness Project
Although the initiative is based in the US, the site has a wealth of
information and tools that can be transferred to organizations in
Canada interested in becoming more diverse and inclusive.

CLEO Exploring the Development of a Centralized Public Legal
Information Website for Ontario
Focus: legal rights information on a range of topics, in a variety of
languages and formats, help to users in taking the next step: finding
legal or social services in their communities, legal education and
training, primarily to community workers.

Ontario Ombudsman Releases Annual Report 2008-2009
The office received 16,742 complaints and inquiries over the last
year. The report includes information about the Special Ombudsman
Response Team (SORT), case summaries and more.

New Website: Working in Mental Health in Ontario
The Community Mental Health Careers Website provides job postings and
student placement opportunities from the over 300 community mental
health service providers in Ontario, info about career paths,
education listings and more.

New Website: Mental Health @Work
This site seeks to foster more effective conversations about workplace
mental health. The community site will be a place for organizational
leaders to engage and understand the issues.

Survey: Shaping the future of
CharityVillage is looking for input on your experiences - or
experiences you would like to have - with This
invitation is to participate in either an on-line focus group session
or just a general survey.

New Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act Receives Royal Assent
According to this release, it will enable organizations to incorporate
faster and improve their financial accountability, clarify the roles
and responsibilities of directors and officers, and enhance the
protection of members' rights.

Promising Practice: Integration Through Education - Toronto's Second
Generation Makes the Grade
According to data from the Program for International Student
Assessment (PISA) the TDSB has successfully closed the average
achievement gap between second generation students of immigrant origin
and their Canadian peers.

Promising Practice: Building Professional and Occupational Networks -
An Overview of The Mentoring Partnership
The Mentoring Partnership (TMP) is a collaboration of community
organisations and corporate partners that brings together skilled
immigrants and established professionals in occupation specific
mentoring relationships.

Pier 21 Declared National Museum of Immigration
National Museum status will enable Pier 21 to dramatically increase
its community outreach programming, online presence, marketing reach
and ability to deliver all content in at least two official languages.

MyCharityConnects Conference - Video Recordings of Workshops
This channel houses video recordings of some of the workshops
presented at the MyCharityConnects Conference, which took place on
June 8 & 9 at the MaRS Centre in Toronto. MyCharityConnects is an
initiative of CanadaHelps.

Rainbow Health Ontario LGBT Community Based Research (CBR) Survey
This survey asks questions about LGBT CBR activities conducted by a
diverse range of individuals and organizations across Ontario,
including but not limited to LGBT organizations, organizations who
work with LGBT communities... Deadline: July 6, 2009.

CRA Consultation on the Proposed Guidance on Activities Outside of
Canada for Canadian Registered Charities
CRA is looking for feedback about this proposed guidance: does it
cover all relevant issues, easy to understand and apply, any other
aspects need clarity? Deadline: September 30, 2009.

Social Enterprise Development as A Tool For Immigrant Settlement
This article outlines the Immigrant Settlement and Integration through
Social Enterprise (ISISE) initiative of the Canadian CED Network and
provides an overview of some related social enterprise initiatives run
by newcomers.

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Call for Abstracts: Proposed Book on Immigration and the Small City:
Canadian Experiences and Perspectives
The book aims to illustrate regional perspectives of the nature and
role of small city immigration; demonstrate an inter-disciplinary
focus on immigration in the small city; and share knowledge about the
immigration realities in the Canadian context.

Education Indicators in Canada: Report of the Pan-Canadian Education
Indicators Program (PCEIP) - June 2009
The PCEIP provides a statistical portrait of Candian elementary,
secondary and postsecondary education systems in an international

Survey: Research with Pride
Research with Pride: A Community Forum will take place on Oct. 2,
2009, to foster community engagement and mobilization for community
members, academics, and students to collectively explore queer health
from diverse perspectives. Give them your feedback.

Canada's Population Estimates - First quarter 2009
During the first quarter of 2009, the number of non-permanent
residents in the country increased by 23,800, compared with an
increase of 15,600 in the same quarter of 2008, although actual
immigration numbers decreased by 2,400.

Immigrants In Canada Who Work In A Language Other Than English Or French
English and French remain the dominant languages in Canada’s
workplaces and markets. However, non-official languages are becoming
more prevalent in Canadian workplaces.

The Impact Of Working In A Non-Official Language On The Occupations
And Earnings Of Immigrants In Canada
The importance of language in the labour market and general
integration of immigrants is widely agreed upon. Immigrants who cannot
conduct a conversation in English or French are more likely to be
unemployed or not in the labour market.

DiverseCity Research from Maytree
The DiverseCity initiative seeks to ensure that Toronto's leadership
reflects the richness and complexity of the region. Stay up to date
with relevant research and reports.

Towards a Race and Gender-Conscious Conception of the Firm: Canadian
Corporate Governance, Law and Diversity
This paper explores the intersections of Canadian corporate
law/governance and race/gender, focusing on a culture of widespread
homogeneity, diversification enhances organizational performance, and
potential avenues for reform.

HR Council releases final Labour Force Study Report
The report features five recommendations to shape strategies to
attract, develop and retain appropriately qualified people to work in
Canada’s non-profit sector. Includes: better HR management, more
inclusive workforce, promoting the value of our work...

General Social Survey: How social networks help Canadians deal with major change
Despite changing family structures, the geographic dispersion of
families and increased dependence on the Internet as a source of
information, Canadians identified the family as the most helpful
resource in their social network during major life change.

Study: Immigrants in Rural Canada
Immigrants accounted for 5.3% of the population living in Canada's
rural and small town areas in 2006, or 312,555 people. In contrast,
immigrants represented about one-quarter of the total population
living in census metropolitan areas.

Cities of Migration Newsletter, No. 5, June 2009
Includes: Cities of Migration is now available in German and in
French, Good Ideas: Refugee stories from Sheffield, Leicester and
London, 'Successful integration is no accident' – meet the Bertelsmann
Foundation, and more.

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