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Leaders' Roundtable on Immigration: Immigrant-Friendly Communities: Lessons for Employers and Other Stakeholders in Small Canadian Towns (Presentation Slides and Relevant Research)

The Leaders’ Roundtable on Immigration (LRI) brings together three key stakeholder groups, business leaders and executives, government leaders and officials, and experts and practitioners to address common issues relating to immigration.  These presentations provide useful insights to what government, business, think-tank and non-profits are thinking on issues related to immigrant attraction and retention in smaller communities.


Manager of Language Services - Ottawa

Ottawa Chinese Community Services Centre is looking for a Manager of Language Services - Deadline: May 8, 2009.


NewStart targets newcomer youth and promotes both entrepreneurship and financial literacy as a means to obtaining economic self-sufficiency - Deadline: May 15, 2009.

HRSDC RFP: Elder Abuse Awareness Funding  
HRSDC is making contribution funding up to $100,000 available for regional projects that raise awareness of the abuse of older adults in Canadian society - Deadline: May 15, 2009.

Donner Canadian Foundation Awards Program 
The Donner Awards seeks to recognize and reward excellence in social service provision by Canadian non-profit organizations - Deadline: May 28, 2009.

HRSDC New Horizons for Seniors Funding Program  
This Program seeks to ensure that seniors can benefit from, and contribute to, the quality of life in their communities, through active living and participation in social activities. Find out abour current and future calls for proposals. 
Next Call for Proposals: Anticipated Spring 2009

The Toronto Enterprise Fund - Business Plan Competition 2009 
The Toronto Enterprise Fund supports the implementation of social purpose enterprises working with people who are homeless and low-income - Deadline: September 14 2009.

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Video Recording: 5 Good Ideas - Building Conversations on the Web
This presentation seeks to demystify online communication and help you take the next steps in making practical, daily use of the Web in your community engagement, client service and public campaigns. Part of the Maytree 5 Good Ideas series.

National Resource Center on Advancing Emergency Preparedness for Culturally Diverse Communities (U.S. Site)
A central clearinghouse of resources and information exchange to facilitate communication and collaboration to improve preparedness, build resilience and eliminate disparities for culturally diverse communities in an emergency.

Fact sheet - Some Common Criminal Charges in Violence Against Women Cases
Plain language explanations of criminal charges commonly used in cases of violence against women: assault, assault with a weapon or causing bodily harm, aggravated assault, criminal harassment, forcible confinement, sexual assault, and uttering threats.

New Toronto-based Social Venture: Phoenix Print Shop
50+ nonprofit and charitable organizations are invited to join a print-club initiative with Phoenix Print Shop, a socially and environmentally responsible commercial printer that supports Foundations of Print (training program for homeless youth).

Implementing Social Media: One Big Challenge? Or a Thousand Small Hurdles?
The big challenges are not about technology - they are about the content and the process of mobilization and communication. There tends to be no one big challenge. We’ve got 100s of small challenges - and we’ve got no systematic way of dealing with them.

Ontario Telephone Hotline And Fact Sheet To Aid Live-In Caregivers
A new toll free telephone hotline (1-866-372-3247 - live April 27, 2009), outreach team, and information fact sheet seeks to help employees who are part of the federal Live-In Caregiver Program address issues regarding their employment rights in Ontario.

What's a Registered Charity vs. Non-profit Organization?
From CRA: Registered charities are often referred to as non-profit organizations (NPOs). However, while both types of organizations operate on a non-profit basis, the two types are defined differently under the Income Tax Act (the Act).

TVO The Agenda - The Debate: Dual Citizens, Dual Loyalties?
Watch video of this debate on: nationality, citizenship, and belonging ... to more than one country: the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, the legalities and loyalties of dual citizenship.

TVO The Agenda - The Debate: Canadian Citizenship
This episode of The Agenda features a debate on the Canadian government's new emphasis on citizenship: official languages, Canadian values and a new model for new Canadians.

Taxpayers' Ombudsman
The Taxpayers' Ombudsman is responsible for ensuring that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) respects service rights outlined in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Understanding Muslim Ethnic Communities Research Project
This UK project seeks to provide insight into 13 of the most significant Muslim ethnic diaspora communities in England. Each report sets out the context for migration and what is known about demographics. Good or bad "cultural profiles"?

A Nonprofit's Introduction to Google's Online Mapping Tools
We're big fans of online mapping tools. Read this excellent article to find out how easy or hard it is to do map ideas, places, trends and interactions using Google's Mapping Tools, and what tech knowledge you may or may not need to do it.

Injured Workers' Consultants (IWC) Legal Clinic Library Now Available Online
The library holds a collection of Ontario commissions and task forces on workers' compensation, IWC advocacy campaigns, educational and training material for caseworkers and injured workers, participatory research projects and health topics.

How to Identify the Language of Any Online Text
If you ever come across words or sentences that are written in an "unknown" language, here are some tools that will help you quickly identify what that language is.

SWIS Conference 2009 - Final Conference Report
The conferences took place in Niagara Falls, Ontario, February 23 - 26, 2009, with the theme: "Education - Integration - Innovation".

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Moving Towards Visibility: Non-Status Immigrants and the Social Service Sector  
The purpose of this report is to share information on the Undocumented Support Network Project and key resources from the initiative that aim to increase the capacity of agencies to better serve non-status immigrants - April 2009.

Access to Trades for Newcomers in Ontario   
This report examines barriers to accessing the trades, and the degree to which the current policies and programs help or hinder Internationally-trained tradespeople (ITTs) in entering the labour market - April 2009.

Missing the Point(s): The Declining Fortunes of Canada’s Economic Immigration Program
Finding the right model to manage an economic immigration program is a challenge. This report wonders if the Canadian model for selecting economic immigrants - the human capital model - has been proven a failure?

INSCAN (International Settlement Canada) Spring 2009 - Canadian Public Library Services to Newcomers: Challenges for the Saskatoon Public Library  
Public libraries are complex institutions and a lot of library vocabulary is foreign to people who use their services. The impact of this unclear language is greater for newcomers who are not familiar with public library systems or are learning English.

Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI): Ontario Benchmarking Reports
These brief reference reports reveal a snapshot of 15 Ontario Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs) and how they perform on MPI's 3Ts of economic development (Technology, Talent, Tolerance) relative to their peers.

Immigrant Characteristics, the IT Bust, and Their Effect on Entry Earnings of Immigrants
This paper asks whether the changing characteristics of immigrants contributed positively to immigrant entry earnings during the 1990s, and whether the entry earnings of immigrants improved after 2000, and if not, why not.

Call for Research Participants - Constructing Domestic Violence from Stories of Canadian South Asian Survivors
Professor Purnima George from the Faculty of Community Services at Ryerson University is currently conducting a research study with Canadian South Asian survivors of violence.

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