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Call for Stories: Untold Stories Project - part of the OCASI LGBTQ Positive Space Initiative

This call is for stories from service providers Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) newcomers (immigrants, refugees) for the Untold Stories Project.


Settlement Worker In Schools (Spanish speaking)  - Niagara Region

The YMCA of Niagara is looking for a Settlement Worker In Schools (Spanish speaking) - Deadline: May 4, 2009.


New Bed Bug Fund in Toronto
WoodGreen Community Services has received a small grant of $8,000 to financially assist people in Toronto who have limited financial resources, to get rid of bed bugs in their homes. The funding will be granted on a first come, first served basis.

CIC and MCI CFP: Design an Orientation to Ontario Program for Immigrant Newcomers - Q&A Added
This call is to solicit proposals from qualified consultants/service providers to develop an Ontario Orientation Program (the Program) for newcomers - Deadline: April 24, 2009.

Trillium Foundation Call for Letters of Intent: Future Fund 2009-2010: Creating Innovative Economic Opportunities 
The $2 million Future Fund supports innovative initiatives that create significant and sustainable opportunities for communities, networks and individuals to participate fully in Ontario's labour market - Deadline: April 27, 2009.

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The Evolving Role of a Volunteer Resources Specialist
Many organizations are streamlining their volunteer departments and hiring a variety of coordinators, managers and supervisors in order to oversee the volunteer staff. This article outlines more about the emerging role and the profile needed for it.

CCR Amina Malko Memorial Fund For Refugee Participation - Application Form For Spring 2009 Consultation
The CCR is offering funding to assist one or more refugees in participating in the CCR spring consultation (28-30 May, Quebec City) - Deadline: May 1, 2009.

CRA Education and Training Projects for Canadian Charities
These projects focus on compliance for registered charities. View funded projects of interest to your org: Compliance for Small and Rural Charities; Fundraising, receipting, and maintaining books and records; Registered Charity Information Return.

New Canadian Citizenship Rules Take Effect April 17, 2009
The new law will give Canadian citizenship to certain people who lost it and to others who will be recognized as citizens for the first time. It will also limit citizenship by descent to one generation outside Canada.

CCR Analysis of Changes to Citizenship Act
According to the CCR, the "changes effectively create two classes of citizenship, with a lower class that has no right to pass on their Canadian citizenship to their children (natural born or adopted)." Find out more about their analysis.

20 Reasons for Funding a Web 2.0 Non Profit Web Site
You just built a new website 2 years ago, says your funder. Why do you need a new one today? Read this useful article for a list of reasons, functions and issues that you should be thinking about when pitching a new or enhanced website to a funder.

The Maytree Newsletter - April 15, 2009
Of interest: Maytree Opinion: Alan Broadbent on whether changes to Canada’s immigration system should be seen as politics or policy; Change to Celebrate; New ideas from Cities of Migration and more.

Does Your Organization Need A Social Media Policy?
Yes, it probably does. However, as this article outlines, a policy in of itself does not guarantee effective social media use. Effective social media strategy development requires an internal conversation to take place, about concerns, use and culture.

The Internet Archive - How it Can Help You Find an "Archived" Online Document
This useful article shows you how to find that government document you once saw online that seems to have been deleted. The Wayback Machine lets you revisit/recreate older versions of sites and extensive archival content of websites and web pages.

Imagine Canada Risk Management Webinar Series for Nonprofits
This series includes: Protect your People and Reputation; Managing Your Drivers & How to Write an Effective Waiver; Insurance Bootcamp; and The Latest in Child Protection Policies & Effective Staff and Volunteer Screening.

Promising Practice: An e-Newsletter Welcome Message that Really Welcomes
It's not often that you get an autoreply from an e-newsletter subscription that makes you feel all warm inside. Well, this one made me feel happy and appreciated, informed and welcomed. We're sharing it here as a great how-to example.

Should You Go Back to School?
This CharityVillage article outlines how continuous learning is a staple in any complete and nutritious career plan. Review your career plan, know your ultimate goals, do your research, consult and enlist your personal support network before you start.

Your Nonprofit and Communications Research
Keeping abreast of the needs and wants of your membership, donors, and potential supporters is vital to your nonprofit's objectives and overall success. Ensuring that you are providing exactly what your audiences want is essential. Find out how.

Call for Newcomer Volunteers - Luminato: Toronto Festival of Arts + Creativity
For the 2009 Luminato Festival, organizers are pleased to introduce their Newcomer Volunteer Program. Find out more.

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Developing programmes to promote ethnic diversity in early childhood: Lessons from Northern Ireland
This working paper focuses on some of the issues and challenges faced in developing early childhood programmes to promote racial and ethnic diversity in societies characterised by deep divisions and/or conflict.

Fraser Institute Report Card on Ontario’s Secondary Schools 2009
Fresh on the heels of the Ministry of Ed school findier controversy, this tool allows parents to compare school academic performance and provides demographic information such as average household income and the % of special needs students in a school.

Summary Report: South Asians And Health
CASSA set out to identify gaps in health promotion for South Asian communities in Ontario. This summary includes the discussions that took place as well as input from those who couldn't attend the roundtable.

India Rising: Implications for Canadian Business and Public Policy 
The purpose of this conference was to advance the collective understanding of stakeholders and policymakers of the opportunities and challenges for Canadian business in India - February 2009.

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