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Charity Village's Tough Times Survival Guide

These articles focus on helping non-profit organizations get through the current economic downturn relatively unscathed. Includes links to other survival guides and helpful resources where you can do further research.


Business Development Advisor - Windsor
New Canadians' Centre of Excellence Inc. requires a Business Development Advisor to help clients with business opportunity assessment and analysis, sizing market potential, conducting market research - Deadline: February 23, 2009.

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Access Alliance RFP - Website Strategic Plan and Development
Access Alliance is seeking an experienced consultant/web developer to lead the process of planning and implementing these upgrades in consultation with staff and community partners - Deadline: February 13, 2009.

Law Commission of Ontario (LCO) - Project Proposal Guidelines
Your proposal must be about provincial law and must fit one of these themes: make the legal system more relevant, accessible and efficient; simplify or clarify the law; use technology to increase access to justice. Proposals can be made at any time.

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Canada may reduce immigration targets
A number of news articles are suggesting that immigration targets may be reduced in light of the current economic crisis (note: some of the links on this page may expire within 7-14 days).

Annual Report on the Operation of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act 2007-2008
During this reporting period, the Multiculturalism Program announced new priorities for the Multiculturalism Program grants and contributions in 2008-2009, focusing on promoting integration, youth-at-risk, and increasing intercultural understanding.

Some immigrant mothers being charged for child benefit overpayments
Some immigrant mothers without permanent status in Canada are incorrectly determined eligible for child benefits and subsequently saddled with a significant overpayment debt to the government after they become or are found to be ineligible.

Helping Newcomers Choose an Academic Path
You may need to help clients explore academic options, possibly to help find a job. Helping them decide on college or university, fulltime or part time, co-op work experience, or just a few courses, you will want to review many factors with your client.

CMAS Offers Special Needs Consultation for LINC Childminding Programs
Ryerson University, the Gerrard Resource Centre and CMAS have partnered to present on-site consultations for LINC Childminding programs with children with special needs. A resource consultant will spend time in your program, working directly the children.

Contact Point Bulletin - Winter 2008-09
Highlights: The Ethics of Advocacy: A Canadian Perspective, Generational Conflict in the Workplace, Challenges and Changes in the Career Development Field, It's the Best of Times, It's the Worst of Times and more.

New Environment & Diversity Project
This is a four-year collaborative initiative designed to help the Ontario environmental NGO community consider, develop and implement strategies to better reflect and engage under-represented communities.

Giving Birth in a New Land – Strategies for Service Providers Working with Newcomers
This manual shares information about the beliefs and practices of newcomer women when accessing reproductive health services.It explains strategies for service providers to offer services in a culturally competent manner.

Non-profit Leadership - An Insight on Current Challenges
Al Hatton, president and CEO of United Way of Canada, shares his thoughts about how nonprofit leadership has changed over time, how organizations must continue to adapt, and what qualities make a great leader.

How One Canadian Non-Profit Worker Uses Twitter
Twitter is sort of a cross between a blog and an instant messenger. You post short (140 characters or less) "tweets" for others to read. Read how this person uses it as a tool in her work.�

The Quick 'n Easy Guide to Online Advocacy
The Internet has opened up many possibilities for rights advocates. However, advocates need to know what services are available, how they can be used in an advocacy campaign, who owns them and their hidden dangers.

Information Age Volunteerism - Open Sourced! Crowdsourced!
This article outlines how volunteerism remains in the Industrial Era, with overly structured hierarchies, formal vetting phases, and long-term relationships. It provides some "information age" examples to inform, enliven and inspire volunteerism.

Endeavor Volunteer Consulting Network (EVCN) - Free Management Consulting for Non-Profits - Call for Proposals 
EVCN is currently seeking clients for its Spring/Summer 2009 pro-bono consulting engagements. Deadline: February 18, 2009.

Stewardship Canada Funders Directory 
Stewardship Canada has compiled this searchable list of organizations that provides funding to environmental stewardship organizations.

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Sick and Tired: The Compromised Health of Social Assistance Recipients and the Working Poor in Ontario
The authors of this report examined health and income data from across the province and found that people on social assistance had worse health on 38 of 39 indicators when compared with the non-poor.

TO's shrinking middle class = more poverty, more poor health
Toronto used to be a middle-class, middle-income kind of town - but no more. Read more and view maps that dramatically document the shrinking number of middle-income neighbourhoods in Toronto.�

Video and PDF: Breaking Down Barriers to Labour Market Integration of Newcomers in Toronto
Video interview on TVO. A land with plenty to offer, except a job: labour market analyst Nan Weiner and a new report on immigrant unemployment.

Ontario in the Creative Age
Ontario is in the midst of a global economic transformation. While this transformation to a knowledge- or idea-driven creative economy has been underway for more than three decades, the current financial and economic crisis has accentuated its importance.

Women and Poverty in Hamilton Report Now Available
It is widely reported that 20 percent or 95,000 Hamiltonians are living in low income. Less understood, however, is that poverty is not gender neutral. Women are far more likely to live in poverty than are men.

Marginalized Youth and Contemporary Educational Contexts : Call for Student Abstracts
This event is a part of a series of events focusing on collaborative community research as a systemic approach to changing front-line practice. Young people are invited to submit narratives for presentation or abstracts for a poster session.

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