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Settlement AtWork Redesign Focus Group - Call for Participants - Space Still Available!

We're redesiging to help serve you better and we want your input and feedback. We're holding a focus group at the OCASI office in Toronto on Friday, January 30, 2009 from 9:30am - 11:30am.  Can't make it?  You can still let us know what you think!


Manager of Finance and Administration  - Toronto (Central)
The Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrant (OCASI) requires a Manager of Finance and Administration - February 20, 2009.


City of Windsor RFP: Local Immigration Partnership Consultant New / Updated!
Complete terms of reference for this RFP are available for a $25.00 non-refundable fee - Deadline: February 3, 2009.

CIC RFP to Develop, Manage and Coordinate a Conference for LINC Administrators
CIC is accepting proposals to develop, co-ordinate and manage a three day conference for approximately 300 LINC program (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) administrators and related staff - Deadline: February 9, 2009.

CIC CFP for the Welcoming Communities Initiative: CIC's Contribution to Canada's Action Plan Against Racism
This CFP is for proposals for funding which support the Welcoming Communities Initiatives in Ontario that can be initiated in the 2008-2009 fiscal year - Deadline: February 13, 2009.

For a complete listing of current RFPs, visit:


Welcome to Canada - Receiving and supporting new English language learners in your school
In late 2008, the Ontario Ministry of Education released a new policy on English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Literacy Development (ELD). The ideas presented in this article will help your school meet the requirements set out in that policy.

Toronto Community Development Institute (TCDI) Call for Workshop Proposals
TCDI invites proposals for a workshop that you would like to facilitate. This is a call to organizations, networks, and community groups to participate in a three-day conference with the theme of, We Make the Road by Walking - Deadline: January 30, 2009.

Law Society and partners study how to better meet legal needs of low and middle-income Ontarians
The goal of this project is to improve access to justice by identifying innovative and cost-effective ways for legal service providers to better serve the public's civil legal needs -- those not included in criminal law.

CIC Operational Bulletin - Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)
As of October 10, 2008, Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) tests are once again acceptable for the purpose of Federal Skilled Workers selection.�

Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators Created - ECE Registration Required
Anyone who wishes to use the title "early childhood educator" (ECE) or "registered early childhood educator" (RECE) must hold a certificate of registration issued by the College of ECEs. All ECEs must register by February 14, 2009.

CMAS Occasional Child Care Training
CMAS is offering 2 two-day training sessions for Service Provider Organizations (SPOs), Settlement Workers and caregivers on how to set-up and operate an Occasional Child Care (OCC) program.

YMCAs of Cambridge & Kitchener-Waterloo - New Mission, Vision & Values
The Kitchener-Waterloo YMCA has entered into a collaborative relationship with the YMCA of Cambridge. They are moving to operate with a common organizational structure that will assist their ability to respond to the future needs of their communities.

New Municipal Immigration Portal - Sault Ste. Marie has useful information for newcomers to navigate your way around Sault Ste. Marie, with links to services and information you need or want to know about to help you settle in Sault Ste. Marie.�

Migrant Workers and Workers' Compensation: What You Should Know
This booklet has information for migrant and seasonal workers about how they are covered by Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) benefits while working in Ontario.�

2009 Targets For Government Assisted And Privately Sponsored Refugees, By Mission
A list of 2009 CIC GAR and PSR refugee targets, by overseas mission/office.�

DiverseCity - New Website and Initiative
Over the next three years this Maytree and Toronto City Summit Alliance project will work to change the face of leadership in Toronto through eight practical and measurable initiatives.

National Film Board (NFB) - Free Online Film Collection
Recently, the NFB made a huge collection of its films available to view for free online.  Playlists include Canada's Diverse Cultures and more.

Peel Newcomers Strategy Group January 2009 Newsletter
Of interest: interview with Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion, launch of immigrant exhibit with TRIEC in February, update on the Peel Immigration Web Portal, update on the Peel discussion papers and more.

Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) Online Consultation On Homelessness And Mental Health
Visit this online forum for sharing information and ideas. This Project seeks to generate policy-relevant evidence about interventions to improve housing stability and health among individuals who are homeless and mentally ill.

Key Issues in Bill 133 (Restraining Order Legislation) for Women Fleeing Violence
Ontario Bill 133 contains extensive revisions to restraining order legislation as well as a number of other important law reform initiatives: custody and access, child support, children's surnames, division of pensions, division of assets.

Need Community Organization Listings in Ontario and Beyond?
211Ontario and Settlement.Org are definitely your starting points. But, Community Information Online Consortium (CIOC) has a list of sites, including outside of Ontario, and in specialized topics areas, that might be of interest for you and your clients.

ChangeCamp Report - Re-imagining Government and Citizenship in the Age of Participation
A report about a full day conference focused on using information and communication technologies to increase citizen participation in government, including links to notes, small group session reports, and international case studies/promising practices.

Find more news here -


Ontario's Urban and Suburban Schools - A Prescription for Change
This new report about Ontario's Urban and Suburban Schools outlines suggested changes for school communities developed by People for Education. The recommendations in this report build from a previous discussion paper about urban/suburban challenges.

Risk and Opportunity: Creating Options for Vulnerable Workers
Vulnerable workers are defined as those whose participation in the labour market leaves their well-being at risk. Factors include persistent low pay, poor access to benefits and/or social supports, lack of representation, exclusion from protections, etc.�

Middle Childhood Matters Report
Focusing on the middle childhood years is important in order to maximize the benefits of the early years investments and to create a solid foundation to meet the challenges of the teen years. However, in Toronto, little investment is being made.

Study: Immigrants' use of non-official languages in the workplace
About 16% of immigrant workers in Canada used languages other than English or French at work. The use of non-official languages at work was associated with a lack of official language skills, low levels of education, lower skilled jobs and lower earnings.

Social Housing Wait Lists and the One-Person Household in Ontario
This report looks at the housing challenge of low-income, one-person households under the age of 65. These households make up approximately 40% of applicants on Ontario social housing wait lists, and typically have the longest wait times.

Study: Income and psychological distress
Not surprisingly, this study found that relatively more people in lower-income households experienced episodes of high psychological distress than those in higher-income households.

Reflections of a CURA Demonstration Project - "Strengthening Mental Health in Cultural Linguistic Communities"
Mental health services are struggling to respond to Ontario's growing cultural and racial diversity. New innovative solutions are needed to ensure that publicly-funded mental health services are effective for today's multicultural society.

Taken Out of Context: American Teen Sociality in Networked Publics
This PhD dissertation will be useful for anyone working with or thinking of working with youth online. It reveals how new forms of social media are incorporated into everyday life, complicating some practices and reinforcing others for youth.

Imagine Canada Study: Leadership perspectives: interviews with leaders of Canada's charities and nonprofit organizations
This 2007 exploratory study suggests that there is a substantial commonality of views, interests, and concerns among the leaders of Canadian charities and nonprofit organizations.

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