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Journey to Mental Health: A Training Series for Community Workers Serving Immigrants and Refugees - Invitation to join the Project Advisory Committee

This project will provide interactive workshops for settlement workers to enhance their capacity to address the mental health issues presented by the individuals they serve and to make effective referrals to appropriate community mental health services.


LGBT Settlement Worker - Toronto (North York)
The Griffin Centre requires two (2) LGBT Settlement Workers for their ReachOUT Newcomer Network - a program for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth who are newcomers to Canada - December 9, 2008.


RFP: COSTI Pre-Employment Curriculum Development
The objective of this project is to update, enhance and test the JSW curriculum and develop a number of online self-learning modules for internationally-trained professionals - Deadline: December 5, 2008.

(Revised) CIC CFP: Projects to Provide Professional Development Supports and Training to English and French Second Language Instructors In Ontario 
CIC is soliciting proposals for projects that will provide professional development opportunities, resources, and supports for instructors of language training programs in Ontario in both English and French - Deadline: December 12, 2008.

(Revised) CIC CFP: Projects to Enhance or Support the Delivery and Reception of Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP) Services
CIC is seeking proposals for projects that will enhance or support the delivery and reception of the Immigrant Settlement and Adaptation Program (ISAP) services in Ontario, Canada - Deadline: January 15, 2009.

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CIC Announces Immigration Levels for 2009
Canada plans to admit between 240,000 and 265,000 new permanent residents in 2009, which includes up to 156,600 immigrants in the economic category; 71,000 in the family category; and 37,400 in the humanitarian category.

2008 Report Card on Child Poverty in Ontario
The report shows 324,000 Ontario children are living in poverty, with the average low-income family living $7,100 below the poverty line. It outlines five areas for Ontario government action.

New Online Course - Understanding Family Law
This five-week online course will provide participants with current, relevant and accessible legal information so that they can assist women in navigating the legal system.

Report to the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) Concerning Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Regulation of Hate Speech on the Internet
The main recommendation of this report is that section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act be repealed so that the censorship of Internet hate speech is dealt with exclusively by criminal law. The CHRC is soliciting comments/views on the report�

Labour Force Trends and Implications for the Voluntary and Non-profit Sector
According to this presentation, the voluntary/non-profit will need to identify strategies to attract and retain older workers and people from groups under-represented in the work force including Aboriginal people, immigrants and disabled workers.

Strongly Led, Under-Managed: How can visionary non-profits make the critical transition to stronger management?
Without sound management practices, even the most successful non-profit will be unable to sustain, let alone increase, its impact over time. However, according to this report many non-profits appear to be strongly led, but under-managed.

DiverseCity: The Greater Toronto Leadership Project Launches
Through 8 unique and measurable initiatives, Maytree and the Toronto City Summit Alliance seek to diversify the Toronto leadership landscape and build the leadership needed to propel Toronto forward towards greater prosperity.�

New Project: Creating Safe and Positive Space for LGBTQ Newcomers Initiative
The main objective of this OCASI project is to support the immigrant and refugee serving sector to more effectively serve LGBTQ (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning) newcomers.

New Multilingual Website: Housing for Newcomers
This Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation site has information about buying, renting, maintaining your home in many languages, including Chinese (Simplified), Punjabi, Pilipino (Tagalog) and Urdu.

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Greater Trouble in Greater Toronto: Child Poverty in the GTA
Child poverty is increasing. 50% of Ontario's children in poverty live in the GTA, up from 44% in 1997. Child poverty is also racialized - children of non-European heritage represent 7 out of 10 of the GTA's children in poverty.

The Canadian Labour Market at a Glance
This StatsCan publication consists of 16 sections that provide an overview of a host of Canadian labour market topics including Immigrants. It provides a wealth of at-a-glance references, statistics and research.

Poverty is making us sick: A comprehensive survey of income and health in Canada
This report outlines how poverty is triggering a health crisis among lower-income people and that relatively small increases in incomes of poor Canadians will lead to substantial increases in their health.

Reducing Gaps in Health: A Focus on Socio-Economic Status in Urban Canada
This report provides a broad overview of the links between socio-economic status and health in 15 Canadian census metropolitan areas (CMAs), while exploring socio-economic patterns and gradients within those CMAs and across urban Canada.

The Cost of Poverty - An Analysis of the Economic Cost of Poverty in Ontario
With a different take on the usual arguments about the cost of poverty, this cost-benefit analysis illustrates how poverty comes with a hefty price tag: it costs the federal and provincial governments up to $13 billion a year in lost revenues.

Reclaiming Voice: Challenges and Opportunities for Immigrant Women Learning English
This study identified barriers that prevented women from gaining fluency in English, as well as supports that enabled them to improve their proficiency.

21st Century Job Quality: Achieving What Canadians Want
This study finds that the economic prosperity of the new century hasn't resulted in an overall improvement in job quality – even though many Canadian employers are struggling to attract and keep skilled workers.�

What Sport Can Do - The True Sport Report
This report is a comprehensive document outlining the public benefits of community sport, including how sport can help to facilitate the integration of newcomers.

Getting Online: Distance Education Promising Practices for Canadian Literacy Practitioners
This is a national project designed to research trends, technologies and promising practices in online and distance learning in Canada. The site includes a report about the trends and issues identified through national research into online learning

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