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Our newsletter will contain information on new content that is added to Settlement.Org At Work. It will also have announcements and other important news that will be of interest to you.

You will receive the free Settlement.Org At Work Newsletter in your email every other Thursday.

Please go to this site to sign-up

Note: The email that you provide will not be shared with anyone or any other agency.

If you have any problems with the Settlement.Org newsletter please email websites@ocasi.org.

Newsletter components

Content added to the SettlementAtWork:Websites are highlighted in the bi-weekly AtWork newsletter. The types of postings are in the following areas relevant to the settlement sector of Ontario:

  • News
  • RFPs (Requests for Proposals)
  • Events
  • Jobs


After the launch of the a redesign of the At Work site, the Newsletter will be redesigned to pursue the following principles:

  • develop links within the settlement sector;
  • foster collaboration among settlement;
  • highlight valuable information in the settlement sector;
  • support information-sharing among organisations providing settlement services.

The redesign of the newsletter will have the following changes:


Any redesign of the newsletter will bring the style closer to the new Settlement At Work websites. This will involve changing the newsletter format from current simple text to an HTML-based design.

Poll / Survey

A poll or a survey can help SettlementAtWork gauge the interest of newsletter recipients to various events and get feedback on the site and get responses on various issues.


  • Would you attend a learning session about mobile websites? More info here.
    • Yes / No
  • What do you think of the new At Work site re-design?
    • Great / Good / It's okay / It's terrible / No comment

Blog post highlight

With the launch of the new SettlementAtWork:Blog, the bi-weekly newsletter will highlight the latest blog post with a caption and a link to the full blog post.

Half-baked projects

The newsletter is also a way to share information from the sector, to get engagement on projects that may not be completed or ready for launch. Such "half-baked projects" in the settlement sector can benefit from engagement by the sector for better advice, direction or involvement from others.

Past newsletters


Before 2011





A redesign of the newsletter is being developed, to highlight content on this wiki and the new blog/listings site.

See it here: Redesign

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