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This FAQ page contains answers to general questions about the wiki.

Wiki General Overview

What is the SettlementAtWork wiki?

The SettlementAtWork wiki is a web platform managed by the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants to support capacity building in the settlement sector of Ontario. This wiki supports capacity building in the settlement sector of Ontario. This wiki supports this in 3 ways:

  • Providing access to material of interest to the settlement sector of Ontario;
  • Providing a platform for others to share information of interest to the settlement sector of Ontario;
  • Providing a platform for collaboration for those involved in the settlement sector of Ontario.

Who can use this wiki?

This wiki is open to anyone involved with the settlement sector of Ontario.

Why should I create an account? Can't I just browse anonymously?

You do not need an account to browse the content of this wiki. However only users with accounts can edit pages, create pages, and make contributions (i.e. create or rename pages, upload files, leave comments on discussion pages, etc.).

What can we do with this wiki?

On this wiki:

  • visitors can access 4,629 pages of information;
  • improve content on the wiki;
  • publish information accessible for any visitor;
  • engage other users registered on the site; and
  • add comments on pages or leave comments for fellow users on their profile pages.

Do I need approval or permission before opening an account and being involved?

No, you do not need approval or permission before opening an account and getting involved with the site. Please abide by the Terms and conditions, or your account may be suspended.

What software does this wiki run on?

The SettlementAtWork wiki uses MediaWiki software.

Wiki Security/Safety

How secure/safe is this wiki?

All information you contribute to this wiki is visible by all visitors. Most information on this wiki can be edited by all registered users.

Although this wiki is open for browsing by any visitor, only registered users can edit pages. Although user accounts are monitored for suspicious activity, there is the potential for undesired activity by malevolent users, editing pages and removing content. Fortunately changes to any page can be reverted back. Pages are also protected from user deletion through the “page history” tab on the site. If someone deletes content or a page, the page history remains, which allows a user to bring up previous page versions.

On the server level, this wiki runs on standard high-capacity reliable servers, with measures in place to keep this site running with 99.99% uptime, and is constantly monitored for attacks. We work hard to keep this website live and running 24/7 unless otherwise indicated for scheduled maintenance or emergency fixes.

You are advised not to store any confidential or sensitive information on this wiki. You are also advised not to rely on this wiki as your sole information repository. If you are storing important information on this wiki, ensure you have a back-up stored elsewhere.

Is this wiki vulnerable to inaccurate information?

Given that any registered user can edit any article, it is, of course, possible for biased, out-of-date, or incorrect information to be posted. However, because there are so many other people accessing the content and monitoring contributions using the Recent Changes page, incorrect information is usually corrected quickly. Thus, the overall accuracy of information on this wiki is improving all the time. You are encouraged to help by correcting information, validating content, and providing useful references.

It is the responsibility of each individual who creates a page to maintain its accuracy. There is no way of enforcing accuracy. Each individual must be trusted to be effective in sharing information. It should be noted however that any user can and should correct that which they know is wrong. If the Wikipedia experience can be duplicated on this wiki, we should experience quite a high level of veracity and very fast error correction.

In addition, users can be trained to evaluate resources on this wiki. These evaluation skills include looking at when the page was created (via the 'history' tab), and examining how many people have edited the page. Individual users edit histories can also be scrutinized to see the kind and quality of information they are providing to the wiki community.

Is this wiki vulnerable to vandals?

Like all physical and virtual workspaces where individuals are invited to participate and make contributions, there is the risk that an individual could disrupt the creative process or vandalize the product itself. However, there are a number of mechanisms in place to mitigate this risk and incentives to dissuade inappropriate or destructive behavior within the wiki community.

  1. wiki users are required to use an actual email addresses when registering.
  2. A feature of the MediaWiki software that forms the basis of wikis is that it logs and tracks all changes to content on the site. In fact, each page has a 'history' tab that itemizes who changed a document and when. The software also enables version comparisons to highlight specific changes made over a period of time.
  3. This wiki is a business tool. It is unlikely that an individual will risk their professional reputation for the sake of mischief.
  4. Given that everything that happens on this wiki is fully documented and tied back to a unique user account, it is easier to identify someone who vandalizes a page on this wiki than it is to identify someone who hand scrawls a dirty word in the bathroom.

What happens if someone posts inappropriate information on this wiki?

Wikis tend to be self policing and inappropriate content gets removed or corrected very quickly. TBS can take down inappropriate content within 24 hours. All content is attributable as all entries are automatically date and time stamped with the contributors valid e-mail address. So if someone posts something inappropriate their reputation suffers. For the most part this seems to work. Other organizations using this model have experienced little or no issues, and we have not experienced any to date. If necessary, wiki administrators and others involved can remove the inappropriate content and suspend a user’s account.

Wiki Other/Specific Questions

Can I have a section on the wiki for my own organisation or project that isn't accessible for others?

The goal of this wiki is to create an environment for collaboration in the settlement sector. To do so, removing the barriers of collaboration and sharing information is necessary. This includes broadening accessibility of information and the capacity for users to get in touch with each other. This wiki is built on openness and collaboration, without functionalities that makes sectioned-off areas of the wiki closed off for certain users. It is not possible to have a section on the wiki that is inaccessible to others.

You should note however, when you create a page on this wiki, although it is accessible by any visitor or user to the wiki, it isn't necessarily viewed by others. Unless you post the link on other wiki pages or send the link to others via email, it is highly unlikely others will find the page.

How much does it cost to use this wiki?

This wiki is provided free (no cost) for any user to sign-up and register for an account.

How many users can this wiki have?

We're not sure, but this wiki can have many users. This wiki is not limited in the number of registered users, but is constrained by the capacity of its servers, in terms of site traffic and bandwidth usage. This is largely affected by the level of activity by the users (and not by the number of users). At this time and for the foreseeable future, this wiki is not near any of its limits.

Contact us

See here: SettlementAtWork:Contact us

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