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This is a page to collaborate on organising a full-day event for professionals in the non-profit sector on the use of Innovative Tools in Toronto's Non-Profit sector.

Event Objective

  • Share best practices, knowledge, lessons learned, challenges and failures around innovative approaches and the use of collaborative tools among Non-Profits in Toronto.
  • Form a sustainable, horizontal, distributed, and networked community around Innovation in Non-Profit
    • Sustainable: The community is self-supporting, adding increasing value as members gain expertise and knowledge
    • Horizontal: The community cuts across many areas in the non-profit sector, not based on an individual's role or position, but by their engagement and contribution
    • Distributed: The community does not hinge around a center, but across the individuals that encompass it;
    • Networked: Links are formed across the community, independent of tools or physical location.

Target Audience

The event is not an information dissemination event, but a collaborative event for the sharing of knowledge, insight and experience. The target audience are practitioners seeking to expand their knowledge about other tools, to forge links with other practitioners facing similar challenges with experience in other areas.

Event parts

  • Kick-off Ignite presentations (10%)
    • Event kicks off with a selection of 5-minute Ignite-style presentations to establish the theme of the event
  • Demos & Booths (40%)
    • Participants are invited to share their knowledge about their Innovative tools, explaining their use, challenges, and solicit solutions to their challenges.
  • Knowledge Café / Table Topics / Unconference (40%)
    • Participants gather to discuss prevalent issues,
    • 3 table rotations of 30 minutes each. First two topics are on broad topics, last topic is open (unconference)
    • Discussions are captured in note form at each table to this wiki
  • Social Mixer (5-7pm)
    • A social mixer follows the event, to support informal discussions and connections among participants


  • Full day
  • Accommodating approx 75-100 attendees (or more if possible)
  • Free
  • Hashtag: #NPTO

Critical path

  1. Book location and date
  2. Scoping meeting
  3. Develop initial schedule
  4. Develop sign-up (EventBrite? The Wiki?)
  5. Initial invites


Interested parties

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