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Page to help SettlementAtWork developers stay on the same page about Wiki updates and configurations. Items are added in the categories below. If they are completed, the link is moved under the "Done" drop-down list.

In Bold are items ready for Action.


Using the wiki


To discuss

Add new items here that don't fit anywhere else

Quick stuff

  • Implement FlashMP3 See LINC_5-7_Classroom_Activities:_Volumes_1_&_2/sandbox
  • Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0 license CC-NC-SA added to footer
  • Fix the timing on the wiki. Edit changes have a wrong timestamp
  • Cut down the user groups (currently: Administrators, Autoconfirmed users, Bots, Bureaucrats, Users, Widget editors, manager)
    • Down to: Administrators, Autoconfirmed users, Bots, Bureaucrats, Users, Widget editors, manager
  • Fix toolbar
  • MP3 audio player, for in-page playing of MP3z on pages like this
  • Improve discussion tabs
  • Implement new page creation
  • Add the watch star to the top of pages

Scratchpad/Other ideas

  • Link: Send this page to a friend.
  • Twitter feed integration
  • Newsletter/mailing list integration
  • Private:Namespace / Community:Namespace, only shows if user is logged in
  • SettlementAtWork:Limited Partnerships
  • Removal of some options in search (may be solved in the search)

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