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Get involved with this wiki!

We are looking for collaborators to try out this wiki.

To support collaboration and information sharing in the settlement sector of Ontario, the SettlementAtWork team is piloting a new wiki. We are moving from our current Settlement At Work site to the wiki, giving users the ability to create their own content, share information and improve the over 650 settlement-related articles currently posted. We invite you to join us on this pilot, to share your feedback and being involved with its development.


Tuesday, March 22
1pm-3pm (or until the fun stops)
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110 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, ON



To RSVP, please:

  1. Open an account on this wiki;
  2. Click this link;
  3. Click "Edit"
  4. Type your name.


  • Prior to the meeting, please visit the site and become familiar with wikis and some of this wiki's content and functionality.
  • Please bring your laptop / netbook / iPad. There will be wi-fi.

More about the wiki

Although this wiki is aimed at supporting the settlement sector of Ontario, anyone can have an account and be involved, including:

  • Settlement Workers (in Ontario or anywhere else);
  • Current, former and retired staff of Settlement Agencies;
  • Researchers and think-tanks involved with the settlement sector;
  • Groups in Government (municipal, provincial, federal) involved with the settlement sector;
  • Other non-profits and Non-governmental organisations (NGOs);
  • Information Management professionals;
  • Techies and technical-minded collaborators who like working with wikis;
  • more!


Contact me: or post on my talk page.


Feel free to discuss this event on the talk page.