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Get involved with this wiki!

We are looking for collaborators to try out this wiki.

To support information sharing, collaboration and professional development in the settlement sector of Ontario, the SettlementAtWork team is piloting a new wiki. We are moving from our current Settlement At Work site to the wiki, giving users the ability to create their own content, share information and improve the over 650 settlement-related articles currently posted. We invite you to join us on this pilot, to share your feedback and being involved with its development.

Although this wiki is aimed at supporting the settlement sector of Ontario, anyone can have an account and be involved, including:

  • Settlement Workers (in Ontario or anywhere else);
  • Current, former and retired staff of Settlement Agencies;
  • Researchers and think-tanks involved with the settlement sector;
  • Groups in Government (municipal, provincial, federal) involved with the settlement sector;
  • Other non-profits and Non-governmental organisations (NGOs);
  • Information Management professionals;
  • Techies and technical-minded collaborators who like working with wikis;
  • more!

To get involved as an "initial collaborator" of the wiki:

  1. Create an account
  2. Come to this page
  3. Click "Edit"
  4. Add your name to the table below.

Yes! I want to be involved!

Name/User account Email Location Note/How do you know about this page?
Doug Toronto, ON I created it!
Angie Rupra Greater Toronto Area, ON
Settlement at Work
Sukhjit Mississauga Settlement at Work/Home
Ali Manesh/Manesha Toronto, ON 'Settlement at Work'
Andrew Czerwinski

Newmarket, ON Settlement at Work
Karen Lopez Toronto ON Ocasi Training - Settlement at Work
Ayenia Quintanilla London ON Ocasi Training - Employment Search Resource training
Name Email Location How you know about this page

Others being invited listed here.

Our next steps

  1. We will invite you to an information session (in Toronto) or an online webinar, where we will provide an overview of the wiki and answer any questions you may have.
  2. We will ask you for your input on our next steps and ask for your continued involvement.

Your next steps

Feel free to continue to peruse this wiki and the 650+ articles. This wiki is in continual development, feel free to get involved.