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=Sector Research=
=Sector Research=

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Sector Research

Compass.jpgAcademic studies and in-depth research reports focused on a wide variety of immigration-related topics. These documents are typically written at a high English level.

Where to Find Immigration-related Research

CERIS - Centre for Excellence in Research on Immigration and Settlement

CERIS is a consortium of three Toronto-area universities, and is a research knowledge creation and transfer network that focuses on the resettlement and integration of immigrants and refugees in Ontario. CERIS promotes and supports innovative policy-relevant research projects. http://www.ceris.metropolis.net

Toronto Immigrant Employment Data Initiative (TIEDI)

The purpose of the project is to provide organizations who support the labour market integration of immigrants and refugees with free access to statistical data and analysis on various aspects of immigrant labour market integration. http://www.yorku.ca/tiedi/

Research Archived on the Wiki

We won't regularly be posting new research as wiki pages (and haven't been for several years) but we will keep the research already posted as an archive.

You can find the Archived Research page here. Contents include:

If you want to comment or share a resource with us you can email atwork@ocasi.org or create your own page!