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If you need help getting your project on the site [[SettlementAtWork:About|contact us]].
If you need help getting your project on the site [[SettlementAtWork:About|contact us]].
== Featured! ==
== Featured ==
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Sector Projects

Compass.jpgThe settlement sector has hundreds of projects and activities underway at any time. We would like this wiki to be a place where you can document your agency's current and past interesting and unique projects. However, this isn't a place to "advertise" your projects, instead let your colleagues know the process and details of activities your agency has undertaken.

If you need help getting your project on the site contact us.


40px-Crystal package settings.png New Project! Citizenship Counts 2012 - OCASI
A national project to help young newcomers prepare for the Citizenship test.

40px-Crystal package settings.png New Project! Orientation to Ontario 2012 - COSTI
The pilot initiative is designed to ease the transition of newcomers by providing access to standardized information about settling in Ontario and connecting newcomers to community services shortly after arrival.

40px-Crystal package settings.png Settlement Kiosks - 2008 - OCASI
"Welcome to Ontario" Kiosks aims to assist newcomers and their families integrate to life in Ontario through the provision of accessible, accurate, and relevant settlement information as well as available resources and services in their local communities.

All Posted Projects

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