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Organization: OCASI
Started in: 2009


SecteurEtablissement.Org is a website for the French-speaking settlement sector in Ontario. The goal is to make information, resources and new developments more accessible to French-speaking settlement practitioners in order to strengthen sector capacity. This is part of OCASI's broader efforts to further include and engage Francophone communities in Ontario.

Website Features

The website is divided into several major sections: news items, events, job postings and requests for proposals. Collaborators are able to upload documents regarding these subjects which are then approved and posted by OCASI staff.

The website also has a link to the French interface of the bilingual SettlementAtWork.Org / SecteurEtablissement.Org Wiki. This can be accessed at The Wiki includes many French-language resources relating to settlement. Collaborators are encouraged to post new resources or edit existing ones.


The website's URL is

Site Management and Funder

The SecteurEtablissement.Org website is managed by OCASI and funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Social Media

OCASI recently established a Twitter account (@SecteurEtab) for the SecteurEtablissement.Org project with the purpose of further engaging the target audience. The goal of this social media engagement is to increase visibility, share sector specific news, and strengthen/develop relationships with new and existing partners.


SecteurEtablissement.Org distributes a bi-weekly newsletter with events and news from the sector. Interested parties can sign up for the newsletter at

Agency Demonstrations

OCASI provides agencies in the sector with in-person demonstrations of the SecteurEtablissement.Org Website. Agencies who are interested in learning more about the SecteurEtablissement.Org site are welcome to request a demonstration at their agency by sending a message to


Statistics from April 2, 2011 to Feb 29th, 2012

  • 10,641 Visits
  • 7,248 Absolute Unique Visitors
  • 31,321 Site Views

Items posted from April 2, 2011 to Feb 29th, 2012

  • 200 news items and resources
  • 225 job postings and RFPs
  • 55 events

Contact Person

For more information on the site, please contact:

Lorraine Hudson
Project Coordinator / Coordonnatrice de projet
Tel 416-322-4950 x 363