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Information and resources to help you understand the regulatory environment, alternatives to regulation and how to help your clients re-enter their careers in Canada.

Recommended Reading

Assessing and Recognizing Foreign Credentials in Canada - Employers’' Views
A report by the Canadian Labour and Business Centre (CLBC) looking at assessment and recognition of the education credentials of foreign-trained workers from an employer perspective.
Brain Gain: The Economic Benefits of Recognizing Learning and Learning Credentials in Canada
A Conference Board of Canada report evaluating the problems of recognizing education credentials in Canada, with emphasis on newcomers - September 2001.
Economic Migrants in a Global Labour Market
A Report on the recruitment and retention of Asian computer professionals by Canadian high tech firms - July 2001.
Enhancing Services and Supports for Immigrant Youth in Waterloo Region
A study of the diverse settlement issues of immigrant youth (aged 16-20) within Waterloo region with a focus on developing strategies to support youth to address their issues - March 2000.
Fulfilling the Promise: Integrating Immigrant Skills into the Canadian Economy
This report focusses on practical solutions to the difficulties immigrants face in entering their specialized fields in Canada - April 2002. Tele-seminar Series, a TRIEC project, runs regular tele-seminars to inform hiring decision makers and business leaders about to source, select, develop and welcome skilled immigrants as creative contributors to their workforce.
Integrating Immigrant Skills into the Ontario Economy - A Ten Point Plan
This report identifies ten concrete initiatives the new Ontario government should take to allow the province to benefit from the wealth of immigrant skills and experience - 2003.
Labour Market Orientation and Employment Preparation for Foreign-Trained Engineers in Ontario - a concept from the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
CIC-HRDC met with representatives from the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) to include employers in discussions about ways to help foreign-trained engineers in Toronto obtain employment in the engineering profession - May 2002.
Making Use of Immigrant Skills to Strengthen our Community
Canadians need the skills that immigrants bring to their new home country. Immigrant skills—the very skills that we need—are not being used to their full potential - October 2003.
Settlement in the Workplace - The Settlement Needs of Employed Newcomers - An Exploratory Study
This study explores what happens with respect to settlement issues to newcomers who find employment shortly after arriving in Canada - March 2001.
The Facts Are In! A study of the characteristics and experiences of immigrants seeking employment in regulated professions in Ontario
The Government of Ontario’s Access to Professions and Trades (APT) unit undertook a research study about the experiences of immigrants seeking employment in Ontario’s regulated professions - Summer 2002.

Related Web Sites

Ontario Regulators for Access
Regulators for Access helps regulatory bodies improve access by international candidates to self-regulated professions in Ontario while maintaining standards for public safety.
Sharpening your competitive edge - information for employers
This guide is intended to provide employers with an easy to-use summary of the training programs, employment programs, and resources that the Government of Ontario makes available to employers.
Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)
A multi-stakeholder council that will work to improve access to employment for immigrants in the Toronto region so that they are better able to use the skills, education, and experience they bring with them.