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The Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) program has created numerous valuable resources for parents and students, settlement workers, schools, libraries and others interested in newcomer child and youth issues and experiences in the school system. The print resources are available in other languages. These resources can be found on the Settlement.Org for Newcomers website.


Newcomers' Guides to Education in Ontario

The Newcomers' Guides to Education in Ontario are a series of handouts in 18 languages on key school topics. The Guides provide information and suggestions to help parents support their son or daughter in school. They are available in public and Catholic school board versions.

Your Child's First Months in the Middle Grades

This brochure is for parents with children in the first months of the middle grades - grades 7 and 8.

Your Child's First Months in High School

A brochure for parents with children starting secondary school in Ontario. Find information about learning English, open houses, and how schools function. Help your child have a happy, safe and successful year in high school.


[http://www.settlement.org/sys/library_detail.asp?k=ELEMSEC_SUCCEED&doc_id=1004928 New Moves: An Orientation Video for Newcomer Students features fourteen youth talking about their adjustment to school in Canada and what helped them be successful. The youth talk about the differences in behaviour expectations, teaching methods and communicating with teachers and other students. The students' voices are complemented by the comments of school administrators and dynamic images of life in Canadian schools.

Your Library explains how public libraries can help students be successful in school. It features two students, Purvai and Ashane, who learn how easy it is to get a library card, participate in storytelling, join the Summer Reading Club and get information for their school projects.

Parent Teacher Interviews

These videos can help you learn what to expect at a parent-teacher interview.

This video features 9 newcomer parents talking about how they helped their children be successful in school and the importance of parent involvement in the Ontario education system.