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The Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) project, has developed some useful tip sheets to add features to your documents and presentations. Each tip sheet is available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

While these tip sheets are meant for SWIS and SEPT workers, they are useful for anyone.

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Mappoint offers additional features that allow the user to display data on map such as the number of participants in a program at a certain site. Streets and Trips is much less expensive. The instructions are the same for both programs.

Adding a voice track is not complicated. However, you will find that the file sizes are quite large and that you won't be able to email the file. Be prepared to burn a CD if you want to share the file. Add the voice track after you have finished preparing your power point file.

Simple step-by-step instructions for adding and changing the size of an image in a Word document.

In some languages, the keyboard layout is standardized. For instance, English and Tamil keys are the same regardless of the font. If you type P in Times New Roman, it will be the same in Arial. However, in a number of languages, the keyboard layout may vary from font to font. Sometimes it is necessary to change the font you are accustomed to and if the keyboard layout is different, it can be very challenging to change the way you type.

This tool will help you arrange the keys to the way you are accustomed to typing.

When sharing documents with a non-latinate script, be sure that the font in your document is embedded. When a font is embedded, the file incorporates the font into the document. This allows the person who receives the file to view the font with the original font, even if he or she doesn?t have the font in their font file. If the font is not embedded, the text may appear as nonsense.

This document describes:

  • how to embed a font
  • how to check if a font is embeddable