Recommendations for the Delivery of ISAP Services to Mandarin Speaking Newcomers from Mainland China

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By: Usha George, PhD, Eric Fong, PhD, Wei Wei Da, PhD, Rega Chang, B. Sc.
Org: Joint Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement (CERIS) - Toronto
Date: 2004

Contracted by Ontario Settlement Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, RealWorld Systems has recently completed surveys on the needs/barriers of Mandarin speaking newcomers in Ontario. The data was compiled from interviews with both Mandarin speaking newcomers and service providers. CERIS was contracted to further address the issues faced by Mandarin speaking newcomers from Mainland China through an in-depth data/literature review.

Download the Report with Appendices (all in Adobe Acrobat PDF format)


Recommandations concernant les services du Programme d’établissement et d’adaptation des immigrants (PEAI) offerts aux nouveaux arrivants de la Chine continentale parlant le mandarin (1.1 MB, 48 pages)

The objectives of this report are twofold.

First is to review existing literature related to Mandarin speaking newcomers, focusing on their settlement barriers and needs, as well as models (if any) of services offered. Second, and more importantly, is to make recommendations based on the literature review to improve the effectiveness of current settlement programs in assisting newcomers socially, economically and culturally to integrate into Canadian society.

Specifically, the report is intended to:

  • identify the distinct segments of Mandarin speaking newcomers and major needs and barriers they face in the process of settlement and integration into Canadian society;
  • make recommendations on how to improve the existing federally funded ISAP, LINC and HOST services in a concrete and practical manner to meet the needs of Mandarin speaking newcomers and facilitate the process of settlement towards integration into Canadian society;
  • make recommendations for the delivery of settlement services also applicable to meeting the needs of new immigrants from other cultural contexts;
  • provide a bibliography on the studies of Chinese immigrants which can be used as a source document for future studies.
This report is available in English and French.
This report is available for download in Adobe Arobat PDF format (1.1 MB, 45 pages).