Promoting Settlement Programs in Toronto - Final Report

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Org: Jangles Productions
Date: 2004

Statistical Results of the Campaign to Promote: YMCA Newcomer Information Centre (NIC), 211Toronto, Settlement.Org

This campaign came out of a study produced in 2003 that measured among other things the awareness of these three agencies/services within the newcomer population. It was discovered that these services and/or agencies had a low awareness level among this group. It was decided to try an initial print media campaign to see if this might help raise that awareness which in turn would hopefully increase the use of these agencies and services (see previous report - Promoting Settlement Programs in Toronto: A Communication Plan).

In October 2003 Jangles Productions was awarded the contract to create, produce, distribute and manage a promotional campaign to publicize three settlement agencies/services within the GTA:

  • YMCA Newcomer Information Centre
  • Community Information Toronto - 211 information call centre
  • OCASI - website

This promotional campaign centred around two major strategies:

  1. to produce and place advertisements in local ethnic publications
  2. to produce brochures and posters in designated languages and distribute them throughout the GTA targeting areas where those designated cultures are concentrated

The materials were produced in 12 languages: Farsi, Dari, Mandarin, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Arabic, French and English. The creative component (design and copy) took place from October to November 2003. All agencies were provided an opportunity for input. Once the creative was signed off, the production stage began which included the translation, proofing, type-setting and printing of the brochures and posters.

The next stage, running in tandem with the second stage, was creating the advertisements, negotiating with the designated ethnic publications and placing the ads.

The fourth stage was distribution of the brochures and posters throughout the GTA. Working with each ethnic publication Jangles Productions tied in with their distribution network to assist in effectively reaching each specific target audience. (The idea being, each ethnic publication already knew where their constituents lived in the GTA through their marketing efforts. Jangles Productions negotiated to "piggy-back" on their distribution network.) Twenty of the top sites from each publication were selected to make up the network (for some publications more than 20 sites were selected). As well the brochures and posters were placed in all 94 libraries and at the bus depot, Union station and Pearson International through Traveler's Aids booths.


This was the first time CIC Ontario Region decided to promote newcomer services to the newcomer communities. It was unknown territory for CIC and expectations ranged considerably. With the completion of the campaign it can now be acknowledged that it has been a success in all measurements from the referral sources to the total number of hits, from the total clients served to the monthly call volume, from the first time users to the weekly call volume.

As statistics were collected it became more and more apparent that the objective was indeed being met to increase the awareness and use of these three agencies/services among the newcomer population. February showed a dramatic increase in all data from all agencies when compared to the previous month and to a year earlier. The upward trend continued in March where records were broken at all agencies. NIC served more clients than ever before. had the highest number of hits ever. And 211Toronto had the largest call volume since keeping statistics. Although April showed a slight drop in data, (approximately 5%), it still performed very well against all other months previous to March. In fact April was the second highest month on record for NIC, 211Toronto and

The report authors provide six (6) options for next steps.

This report is available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (170 KB, 22 pages).