Promoting Settlement Programs in Toronto: A Communication Plan

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Org: IMPACS Communication Centre
Date: 2003

This communication plan analyzes some of the current communication practices implemented by the Settlement Directorate Ontario Region (SDOR) in its efforts to promote settlement services to immigrants. Specifically, the plan assesses the knowledge of settlement services among six immigrant communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

This document outlines a number of strategies and makes a series of recommendations on how to best promote settlement services within these six communities. These strategies and recommendations could be used in a broader communication campaign in the future.

As a result of this research, IMPACS has made a number of recommendations grouped under five strategies.

  1. SDOR should continue its face-to-face communication efforts within its departments and within the settlement sector.
  2. SDOR should invest in reader friendly and language specific collateral material such as posters and brochures.
  3. SDOR must continue working in close collaboration with settlement agencies.
  4. SDOR must provide the funding and logistical support that would assists agencies in delivering professional promotion and marketing campaigns. SDOR should invest in an advertising campaign that is language specific, on going and that makes extensive use of the ethnic media.
  5. SDOR should investigate closer partnerships with other information providers such as 211 Community Information Toronto phone line to promote settlement services.
This document is available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (297 KB, 29 pages). You can also click here to download the document in MS Word format[220 KB, 29 pages].