Promoting Newcomer Integration and Social Inclusion

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This project will identify promising or best practices and/or develop resources and tools that encourage community engagement and participation by immigrants and refugees and facilitate their social inclusion.

This project will also identify the challenges and barriers to immigrants and refugees civic and social inclusion and participation and it will provide practical and policy recommendations to address the barriers.

Material will be available to be used by immigrant and refugee serving organizations across Ontario.

It is expected that the use and implementation of these practices, resources and tools will enable organizations to:

  • Assist newcomers in their process of settlement and integration by providing them with information of and access to citizenship engagement opportunities including volunteerism
  • Assist immigrants to become involved in their communities and the larger Canadian society by sponsoring community development initiatives.
  • Promote immigrants? awareness of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, including human rights, tolerance and respect for diversity, as well as support them to exercise these rights and responsibilities through active community participation.
  • Promote immigrants? civic and social inclusion by identifying and addressing challenges and barriers to inclusion.

Visit the project website for an overview, resources and information about how to get involved.