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The systematic collection of information about the activities, characteristics, and outcomes of programs to make judgments about the program, improve program effectiveness, and/or inform decisions about future program development. We evaluate programs and projects to ensure that the reasons why we are doing them are valid. We need to understand how to evaluate our work to see what the program is supposed to do, with whom and why. Build your capacity to evaluate.

Assessing Performance: Evaluation Practices & Perspectives in Canada's Voluntary Sector
This report presents results from a national survey of the evaluation practices of Canadian voluntary organizations and of funders of voluntary organizations - 2003.
Basic Guide to Program Evaluation
This document provides guidance toward planning and implementing an evaluation process for for-profit or nonprofit programs, including the basic ingredients of program evaluation, and a comparison of major forms of program evaluation.
Some Tips for Running a Good Focus Group
A fact sheet from CREHS with information about when to use focus groups and how.
W.K. Kellogg Foundation Evaluation Handbook

This handbook is guided by the belief that evaluation should be supportive and responsive to projects, rather than become an end in itself - 1998.

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Charity Village - Management and Administration
information about nonprofit leadership, organizational management, legal and legislative issues, change and more.
A Glossary of Terms for the Voluntary Sector; A useful list of words and phrases commonly used in the non-profit/voluntary sector.
Basic Guide to Outcomes-Based Evaluation for Nonprofit Organizations with Very Limited Resources
This document provides guidance toward basic planning and implementation of an outcomes-based evaluation process (also called outcomes evaluation) in nonprofit organizations.
Practical Tools and Checklists for Improving Evaluation Systems and Processes
Basic questions to be asked before undertaking any kind of evaluation and examples of existing logic models and tools.
Voluntary Sector Evaluation Research Project (VSERP)
VSERP works to to improve the capacity of voluntary organizations to evaluate their work and communicate their effectiveness to their funders, stakeholders and the public.

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