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Organization: TRIEC
Started in: 2009

Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs) is an initiative of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC). TRIEC is working collaboratively with professional immigrant networks to increase their capacity to connect their skilled immigrant members to meaningful employment.

PINs is both an online community and a program of strategic initiatives that strengthens networks, links them together in a learning community, and builds effective connections between networks and partners – employers, professional associations, service providers, government and others.

What the initiative seeks to accomplish

The primary objectives of PINs are:

  • To strengthen the individual and collective organizational capacity of the networks
  • To create effective working relationships between the networks and employers, professional associations, service providers, government and other relevant stakeholders
  • To create a network of professional immigrant network leaders and support their development as effective leaders

Who the initiative works with

Professional immigrant networks are organized, volunteer-run member-based associations or networks created by and for immigrant professionals that seek to:

  • create a forum to contribute to and enrich their respective communities
  • provide opportunities for their members to find meaningful employment and achieve their professional goals

Activities of networks include networking events, mentoring, information sessions, professional development opportunities such as workshops, speaker events and training, and connections to employment opportunities.

The initiative also works with partners who are stakeholders in immigrant employment, such as employers, immigrant-serving agencies, professional associations, employee resource groups, post-secondary institutions, regulatory bodies, government agencies and others.

Partners are stakeholders that are interested in working with networks to help members connect to meaningful employment, build the capacity of the networks, develop partnerships or support the development of network leaders.

How the initiative came to be

TRIEC is a multi-stakeholder council that brings leadership together to create and champion solutions to better integrate skilled immigrants into the Toronto Region labour market. TRIEC is the catalyst that facilitates the conditions for collaboration among networks and stakeholders through PINs.

When TRIEC convened the network leaders in 2009/2010, they expressed interest in working together through a new "network of networks." Through this network of networks, leaders can leverage each others’ experiences and expertise to help them do what they do better.

In addition, TRIEC’s stakeholders expressed interest in connecting with networks in a coordinated way to tap into immigrant talent, promote services, share information and collaborate. Stakeholders get involved by signing up to become partners of the PINs initiative.

What the initiative offers

PINs links networks together in a learning community and builds effective connections between networks and partners, both online and in-person.

Networks benefit by:

  • building organizational capacity
  • sharing and leveraging community resources
  • developing the leadership skills of network leaders
  • linking to partners (e.g. employers and service providers)
  • gaining more exposure to the public

Partners benefit by:

  • building their brand among immigrant professional networks
  • having an additional communications channel to reach immigrants and promote services
  • building relationships for future collaboration

How to get involved

Prospective networks and partners can get involved by visiting the PINs website [1] or by contacting TRIEC for more information.

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