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Family Sponsorship

D1: Sponsorship Breakdown: What you Need to Know (English and French)

Family reunification is a crucial part of immigrant settlement and integration. We recognize the importance of strong families in our society and value the contribution they make in building healthy communities. Sponsorship breakdown occurs when the sponsor or the sponsored family member withdraws from the sponsorship relationship before the end of the period specified in the Sponsorship Undertaking. The breakdown could be the unwanted result of changing financial conditions or could be a necessary course of action to sustain the well-being of the sponsored family member(s). Sponsors and immigrant and refugee service providers may not be aware of the consequences of sponsorship breakdown. This session will provide an overview of current Ontario Works regulations and a general picture about the implications of sponsorship breakdown. It will also provide you with an opportunity to raise some of your questions and concerns.

Loly Rico is the Co-director of FCJ Refugee Centre. She is also responsible of the organization’s Settlement Program. Loly is recipient of the 2004 Constance E. Hamilton Award of the City of Toronto and of the Peace Medallion of the YMCA. She is Chair of the Anti-Trafficking sub-committee of Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR), Past-President of the Board of Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants and member and founder of the Coalition of Services Providers for Refugee Claimants (CSPRC). Loly has over sixteen years of experience working with newcomer women in Canada, helping them on their integration to the Canadian society with dignity.

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