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Page for pathways for settlement workers to follow in providing services for newcomers (immigrants and refugees). Provided by Sandra Guerra of Toronto LIPS


Working on making a clickable image map of the source files.

The Pathways are being developed on the following pages:

How to create the pathways

The pathways were created using the following tools:

The following tool was used to create the box points:

Each box point links to the heading on the same page (like this link).

Settlement 101

The Pathways may set the foundation for a "Settlement 101" collection of resources, aimed at providing new settlement workers with the foundation knowledge to provide a full set of services in the sector.

Source files

File logo File name
Excel-logo.png Pathway for Economic Class Newcomers

File:Service flow chart - eco class3.xls - Excel file

Excel-logo.png Pathway for Refugee Claimants

File:Service flow chart - refugee claimant.xls - Excel file