OTIS - Online Tracking and Information System

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Organization: OCASI
Contact: dmontague@ocasi.org
Started in: 2000

Project Overview

Funded by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada and managed by the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI), the OTIS, the primary objective of this project is to address the identified need of settlement workers, agencies and funders to have access to professional, standardized and useful data collection tools to record, plan and report on client-service activities.

Currently the primary users of OTIS are staff working under the SWIS, LSP and SSIL brands. That is, staff who work primarily out of the office (schools, libraries, LINC classes).

The OTIS project contributes to the CIC objective of successful integration of newcomers by:

Providing tools and program coordination that support the effective delivery of services
Facilitating the efficient delivery of services

OCASI also manages contractors to ensure reliable server operation and maintenance, including site backup, monitoring bandwidth issues and database performance. Develop policies and procedures for ongoing maintenance. OCASI is responsible for maintaining and enhancing OTIS features, tools and reports.

OCASI offers support to users online, by phone, group/individual training and technical support including:

Individual OTIS user and program e-mail account administration and maintenance
Training workers to enter accurate data and generate reports
Enhancing the system to accommodate new requirements, user groups, etc.

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