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Organization: OCASI
Contact: elena@ocasi.org
Started in: 2000


OTIS (Online Tracking and Information System) is essentially a data entry website where certain mobile ISAP-funded workers enter in their client statistics for each month. The first users were the Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS). Next, many years later, Settlement Workers in Libraries (LSP- Library Settlement Partnerships) started to submit their stats using OTIS. And we have recently added the SSIL project (Settlement Services in LINC). OCASI's role has been to support settlement practitioners in using the site through online, phone support, in-person training and the creation of user guides. Additionally, OCASI works with the users and the funder (CIC) to make any needed changes/improvements to the OTIS interface.

A new version on OTIS, OTIS 3.0, is currently being developed. This technology builds on the existing functions of OTIS 2.0 and make them available for general settlement services (not just workers in schools or libraries). This new expansion of OTIS will allow workers in non-SWIS andLSP programs to use OTIS to help identify new user groups.

Website Features

The OTIS project contributes to the CIC objective of successful integration of newcomers by:

  • Providing tools and program coordination that support the effective delivery of services
  • Facilitating the efficient delivery of services


The website's URL is http://otis.settlement.org

Site Management and Funder

The OTIS project is managed by OCASI and funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).


In addition to creating a real time reporting system, we have delivered hundreds of in person training sessions, developed several web-based help videos and provided online webinars. OCASI provides agencies and individuals with online and in-person trainings. Agencies who are interested in learning more about the OTIS are welcome to request a demonstration by sending a message to elena@ocasi.org.


Statistics from April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012

  • 29 SWIS Agencies conducted 102887 client sessions
  • 22 LSP Agencies conducted 28226 client sessions
  • 500+ OTIS users
  • 1221 phone calls and e-mail requests for data entry support

Contact Person

For more information on the site, please contact:

Elena Trapeznikova,
Senior Coordinator, Technology & Training
Tel 416-322-4950 x 241