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Newsletters (and mailing lists) related to the settlement sector of Ontario.

Feel free to add yours or others below. You can also email it to me and I'll add it to the table below.

Name Organisation / Program Website Description Topic
Horizons North Bay & District Multicultural Centre link Monthly newsletter for the North Bay & District Multicultural Centre and the North Bay Newcomer Network Settlement and community news
LearnIT2Teach News LearnIT2Teach link Free professional development for LINC & ESL professionals Language training
Welcoming Community News CultureLink link Information and updates related to the settlement agency's activities Settlement services
Contact TESL Ontario link Information related to English language programs, settlement and community agencies English language learning
Colour of Poverty Colour of Poverty link Poverty
Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs) Initiative Updates TRIEC link Find Solutions, Immigrants, Professional Immigrant Networks Employment
Settlement.Org Update OCASI link Information about community resources, new content on Settlement.Org, and other important news of interest to newcomers in Ontario Settlement
Housing Network News Housing Workers link Housing
Soundbites e-Bulletin Social Planning Toronto link Social policy Newsletter OCASI link Updates from the website for newcomer youth Youth
Settlement At Work Newsletter OCASI link The latest updates and news from SettlementAtWork, the knowledge hub for the settlement sector of Ontario Capacity
OCASI Issues List OCASI link News releases or position papers relevant for the settlement sector. Sector issues
The Maytree Newsletter Maytree link Maytree program updates, news and information on events and issues of interest Research
Cities of Migration Maytree link Monthly update of news and events related to the Cities of Migration initiative, its partners and related networks Migration and integration
eTips (TRIEC link Info about recruitment, retention and promotion of skilled immigrants Employment
In The Field OCASI link for mobile settlement professionals Service
Integration-Net Integration-Net links Communications, information and research Research
CIC Ontario e-News CIC Ontario link Updates on service innovations, upcoming events, recent publication links, and new requests for proposals Settlement; service® Newsletter Charity Village link News, jobs, resources, how-to articles, volunteer and event listings, educational opportunities Networking
CLEO e-mail list Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) link Update about CLEO publications Legal
St. Christopher House E-Newsletter St. Christopher House link Settlement
CERIS Listserv The Ontario Metropolis Centre link Job postings, funding opportunities, seminars, and other events Research
Toronto Workforce Innovation Group Newsletter Toronto Workforce Innovation Group link Monthly e-bulletin to get updates on labour market and employment trends in the City of Toronto Labour statistics
IEHP Network Newsletter HealthForce Ontario link Programs, stories and resources related to internationally-educated health professionals Service
Toronto Workforce Innovation Group Newsletter Toronto Workforce Innovation Group link research on a the green economy, knowledge workers, precarious employment, mature workers, entrepreneurship, youth, women, HR and Training Needs, Key Economic Sectors and more. Research
Chinese Canadian National Council Newsletter
Chinese Canadian National Council link Services
Newcomers Corner Centre for Education & Training (must email: Free settlement information to newcomers and residents from a number of accessible locations across Peel and Halton. Settlement
The mish/mash

Frontline Partners with Youth Network (FPYN)

link "A mash-up of youth-related stuff", including programs, news, opportunities, jobs and events. Youth
CMAS Newsletter Childminding Monitoring Advisory and Support (CMAS) link

CMAS works with LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) Childminding programs, which offer on-site care for the children of parents learning English as a second language.

Welcoming Communities Initiative eBulletin Welcoming Communities Initiative link Grants, RFPs, updates on WCI projects such as LIPs, conference presentations and more. Settlement, research, services
CCR Chronicle Canadian Council for Refugees

English link

French link

A monthly digest on refugee and immigrant rights advocacy in Canada. Available in French and English. Refugees
Canadian Immigrant Magazine Newsletter Canadian Immigrant Magazine link News, articles and stories related to immigration and settlement Settlement
Allies Maytree link published quarterly and features the work of ALLIES communities including resources and information about the integration of skilled immigrants into the Canadian labour market. Employment, skilled immigrants
Name Organisation Website Description Topic

What is the difference between a mailing list and a newsletter?

  • A mailing list is a list where emails from subscribers are sent to all subscribers.
  • A newsletter is a list where only emails from the administrators are sent to all subscribers.