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Research materials focused on issues related to volunteer participation, improving volunteer experiences and the role of volunteers.

Community Social Data Strategy
The Community Social Data Strategy allows municipalities and community-based organizations to access and analyze detailed research findings from Statistics Canada cost effectively
Public Census Data on Ethnic Diversity and Immigration
This Statistics Canada online resource has information on ethnic groups, visible minorities, the Canadian-born population, immigrants and non-permanent residents, and generation status in Canada (i.e. first generation, second generation, etc.).
Re-Visioning Project with the Korean Interagency Network (KIN) , an Inter-agency Services Collaboration Project Report
This report summarizes KIN's work with the Wellesley Institute's (WI) Collaboration Project to explore how it could better coordinate services, programs and resources of its member agencies - December 2007.
Statistics Canada Analytical Studies - Useful Data
Statistics Canada publishes regular studies, research and technical papers, many of which are available for free download on their website.
Statistics Canada Reference Guides and Technical Reports
Ever wondered what StatsCan means by the terms in their Census reports? These guides provide information to help you effectively use, apply and interpret data from the 2006 Census.
TIEDI Factsheet: Statistics Canada Products for Census Neighbourhood Data
This factsheet answers the question: What are the different Statistics Canada products available for neighbourhood data, especially language data?

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