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Studies relating to developments in effective management and evaluation of services, including an additional focus on human resources.

Coping with Change: HR Management in Canada
This study, part of a pioneering series on the non-profit sector, examines the impact of changes in the external environment on both organization and human resources policies of non-profits - December 2003.
Feasibility Study for a Pan-Canadian Settlement Organization - Project Report
This report represents a second stage in the process of examining the feasibility of developing a new “voice” for the settlement sector at the pan-Canadian level - March 2005.
How Canada Stacks Up: The Quality of Work - An International Perspective
This document compares workplaces in Canada, the U.S. and the European Union, in terms of four areas of job quality: work/life balance; health and well-being; skills development; and career and employment security - December 2003.
Investing in People: Building the Capacity of Community Development, Training and Social Enterprise Practitioners
This report focuses on on building human capital in the community work field, outlining the opportunity for funding agencies to play a more active role in stimulating strategic thinking and bold innovation in the field of capacity building - 2004.
Job Quality in Non-profit Organizations
Despite the economic and social significance of non-profit organizations, little is known about the quality of jobs in the sector, nor about its ability to compete for skilled workers in future - January 2003.
Mapping the Non-profit Sector
Canada's non-profit sector is pulling more weight than ever before. Even so, it remains an enigma. We know very little about its true size, make-up and workplace realities - December 2002.
On the Front Lines: Of Toronto's Community Service Sector
This research report details critical issues facing community agencies providing services in Toronto. The seven recommendations provided address issues of recognition, funding, data collection, best practices, and more - July 2006.
On the Front Lines: Of Toronto's Immigrant and Refugee Serving Sector
Toronto's immigrant and refugee serving sector plays a central role in supporting the vast numbers of Newcomers landing in Toronto. This research on working in the sector was developed from agency/staff surveys and interviews - July 2006.
Passion and Commitment Under Stress: HR Issues in Canada's Non-profit Sector
This report examines the forces that threaten the sustainability of non-profit enterprises in terms of Human Resources and suggests measures to relieve some of the pressure - January 2004.
Skills and Training in the Non-profit Sector
The voluntary sector is experiencing major changes in its external environment, bringing new skill requirements and raising the question of how well the sector is doing at providing staff with the training needed to adapt - March 2003.
Social Innovation in Canada - How the non-profit sector serves Canadians ... and how it can serve them better
This report from Canadian Policy Research Networks calls for a new framework for support to this vital secto and examines the role of the non-profit sector in social innovation and what needs to be done to make the most of it.
Social Innovation in Canada: An Update
This report highlights the urgency of the social challenges before us, such as climate change, sustainability, poverty and globalization, particularly in the midst of a global economic downturn, and points to the importance of fostering SI as a solution.
The Cost of a Volunteer
This report by the US Grantmaker Forum on Community and National Service offers a review of current research on the cost and value of volunteering - March 2003.
The Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector in Ontario
These Regional highlights from the National Survey of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations performed by Imagine Canada provide insight on the composition, capacity and history of the voluntary sector in Ontario - June 2006.
The State of Nonprofit Management Education in Canada
In Canada, the field of nonprofit education is a somewhat scattered landscape. This report seeks to outline what is available today, provide camparisons with the U.S. landscape, and to develop thoughts for future direction - December 2008.

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