Making Ontario Home

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Organization: OCASI
Took place in: 2011

The "Making Ontario Home Survey" is a survey conducted by OCASI to better understand immigration and newcomers’ settlement experiences. The survey was conducted until March 2011. The survey was open to any newcomer who lives in Ontario and came to Canada in the last 10 years. Respondents were eligible to participate and be entered into a draw for 1 of 10 prizes of $100.

The report will be released in early 2012.

The survey was conducted Ontario-wide using Survey Gizmo in the following languages:

  • English, French, Arabic, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Tagalog, Urdu

This study was conducted by the following researchers:

  • Mehrunnisa Ahmad Ali, PhD, CERIS Director and Kenise Murphy Kilbride, PhD, Professor Emerita, Ryerson University
  • Audrey Kobayashi, PhD, Queen’s University, Welcoming Communities Initiative:
  • Joanna Ochocka, PhD, Executive Director, Centre for Community Based Research;

This research was commissioned by the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) and was funded by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

More information can be found in the original post or the following PDFs: