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About the SettlementAtWork Wiki

This wiki is provided for your gathering and sharing of resources (best practices, knowledge, events) supporting all those involved in the settlement sector of Ontario. This Wiki serves as a repository of information supporting capacity building across the settlement sector of Ontario.

  • Please consult the help pages for information about using the wiki.

This wiki is managed by OCASI, the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants. Read more about the wiki here.

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Featured Resource
The Acronyms page is a useful reference for any settlement professional to consult. See how many you know and add any you find missing.



Featured Resource
The Newsletters wiki page lists over two dozen newsletters from all over the settlement sector across a range of categories and links for more information. Review the list and add any you find missing.


Featured Resource

Let's Talk includes:

A directory of interpretation service providers and interpreter trainers;

Sample policies;

Promising practices and more


Featured Resource
The Settlement kiosk provides basic information on settlement services including employment, education and other resources available to support newcomers. Read all about them and also watch the kiosk's video and consult a map of their locations.


Featured Resource
The Acronyms page is a useful reference for any settlement professional to consult. See how many you know and add any you find missing.


Featured Resource
OCASI's wiki page shows how settlement agencies can have a wiki page with content relevant to settlement workers, like a listing of projects, key contacts, and more. Consult OCASI's wiki page for ideas.


Featured Resource
Find out more about the very popular #CdnImm Toronto events here. These events bring together practitioners and collaborators in the sector to share knowledge and build connections.


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Find out more about the Training for Employment Support Services project from OCASI.

The Library Settlement Partnerships project is developing a space on the wiki.

Free-range area. Check out the Scoping document.

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